the secret

"Ok I dare harry and Jennifer to have 10 minutes in heaven said stephanie that got us into this but will go through it said harry"


3. later that night

We were all pretty drunk when stephanie said we should play truth or dare everyone one crowded around her she asked harry truth or dare he answered dare stephanie said I dare you and Jennifer to go have 10 minutes in heaven!! Harry pulled me up and we ran upstairs to a quiet room harry started unbuttoning his shirt and he started taking my clothes off, we were having an awesome time looking at each others body that we started making out and we slowly got to the bed and we started making love it was the best i had ever done I said kissing him on the lips he then made the kiss passionate and licked my bottom lip asking for entrance, I was totally zoned out and was in shock we had sex and he fucked me hard it was so amazing I couldn't beileve him he was so good at it!!
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