the secret

"Ok I dare harry and Jennifer to have 10 minutes in heaven said stephanie that got us into this but will go through it said harry"


1. intro

** hi guys I'm new on here and this is the first fanfiction I have wrote ok so enjoy**

Stephanies P.O.V.
You guys I'm throwing a party this weekend since my parents are on a buisness trip so your all invited said Stephanie we were all cheering and happy cuz it was one of the first parties of our junior shear in high school.
Jennifer's P.O.V.
I was pumped for steph's party btw steph is my bestfriend she knows I like harry styles so she would do anything to get him to like me..!! I have curly dark brown hair, I have dimples, and have brown eyes. Only 2 days left till the party so me and steph were going shopping together for really cute dresses we were at the mall for a couple of hours when i found the perfect dress it was just perfect it had purple and black on it purple diamonds and the rest of the dress was black it was just gorgeous and then and there I got it it was just perfect.!!! Steph then found her dress it was really cute and short it had sparkles and it was red with little black diamonds we payed and then we left.
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