the secret

"Ok I dare harry and Jennifer to have 10 minutes in heaven said stephanie that got us into this but will go through it said harry"


2. day of the party

It was finally Saturday night it was the day of the party and me and the girls were getting ready we were doing our makeup and hair and getting really pretty for the party I was super excited, cuz all the one direction crew was gonna be there that meant harry was gonna be there also which gave me an oportunity to win his heart it was so exciting!!!

The ppl started arriving and then at around 7:30 one direction arrived I loved how harry was dressed he was wearing a tight shirt that showed his abs he looked so hot then he came up to me and gave me a cheeky grin and said Jennifer you look hot tonite I kind of blushed, I loced when he said that then he brought me a drink and we bought just sat there talking and I think he put some type of alcohol in my drink cuz I was kind of getting tipsy but I didn't care cause it was going to be an awesome night from then out!!
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