In the shadows.

You think you know Justin Bieber? You may know that his name is Justin Drew Bieber, born in Canada. Born on March 1st, 1994. You see him as a young icon, a musician, the former boyfriend of Selena Gomez. But what you don't know, is that he has many secrets. Secrets, that if anyone found out, his career would be over. Want to know how I know these secrets? Because My name is Chase. Chase McKenzie, and I'm Justin Bieber's boyfriend.


1. Prologue.

We were twelve when we met. We were both at a pizza parlor in Stanford, he was with his group of friends. And I was alone. I got up and ordered some pizza for myself. 4 slices of pepperoni with ranch dressing on the side. She wrote my order down and went back to the kitchen to turn in the slip of paper with my order on it. I slid my cup of Dr. Pepper and took a small sip of it. I always used to go to the parlor after school or on the weekends. I didn't really have many friends. I had a older brother, he was 18 years old. He was sent away to a military academy by my parents. We were so close, he had always been my rock. And my parents just sent him away, he got in trouble sometimes. Fights in school, average grades. Ever since he left for military school, he lost contact. Nobody knew about his whereabouts or anything. I wanted to hope that he was still alive out there somewhere, event though I know that isn't very likely. Carter was the only person who loved me and protected me no matter what.

My parents on the other hand, well. They did the simple things for me. As they would say, "I give you food, clothes, and a place to sleep." I don't understand why some people had children if they didn't want to raise them. My dad was a drunk man who worked on cars at an auto-shop. My mom worked as a nanny for a rich family across town. They worked hard and everything, I respected them. But I didn't love them. They never nurtured me, never taught me the values of life, they acted like I didn't exist. 

"Here's your order, sir." A bubbly teenage waiter said as she dropped a plate in front of me. I smiled at her as she walked back over to the counter. I was about to dig in when I realized that there wasn't any ranch. I sighed and got up to the counter to ask for ranch. Justin was standing in front of me. His hair down in the signature style he had it in before he cut it. A baseball cap turned backwards, a purple button-up t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and clean white nikes. 

"Look, is there anyway you can just give it to me? I don't have anymore money." He pleaded with the same girl who gave me my food.

"I'm sorry sir, but we can't just give you an extra slice." She said popping her bubble gum. I dug in my pocked and felt a few extra dollars in between my fingers. 

"Here, just take this." I said handing her four dollars. "And give him whatever he orders." She blew her bubble gum into a bubble and looked at me, then back to Justin. She took the money and slid it in the register, handing me back my change. "I just needed some ranch by the way." She reached under the counter and gave me a few cups of ranch. "Thanks." I smiled. Before I walked away to my seat, Justin grabbed my wrist and stopped me in my tracks. "Thanks, uh..."

"Chase." I smiled lightly. He smirked a little and exposed a small dimple on his left cheek.

"Chase." He nodded. I turned away, blushing. At the time, I didn't understand why my stomach felt so weird. Or why I couldn't stop blushing at the simple touch of someone else, let alone a guy. A week later I showed up back at the parlor, and ordered my usual order. I sat down and began to eat my meal for the day as I noticed a familiar baseball cap walk in. It was Justin. And he was alone, something I hadn't ever seen before.

He made his order then looked around the parlor until his eyes landed on me. He gave a small smile and walked towards me.

"Chase right?" He asked smiling. I nodded shyly, swallowing the crust and cheese. "I had a feeling you would be here. Your always here huh?" He asked. I once again nodded slowly, this time grabbing my Dr. Pepper to drink out of so I wouldn't have to speak. "So, why are you always here?" He asked.

"Not really much to do, I guess." I said shyly, my voice quiet. But loud enough for him to hear.

"You don't have any friends to hangout with?" He asked. I shook my head.

"Not really." I said honestly. He looked like he was going to ask another question, but the waitress came and dropped of his order. He licked his lips and picked up a slice, chewing loudly. "So." He said swallowing his bite of pizza. "Want to hangout after I'm done eating? We can go play basketball or something." He said. I chuckled nervously and blushed.

"I can't play basketball." I said, picking up a piece of my own pizza. 

"I can teach you." He said giving me a small smirk, the right side of his lip curving into a grin. I took another bite of my pizza and chewed, swallowing. I thought about it, and I didn't really have anything to lose.

"Alright, if you want." He smiled at me.


After this day, we were almost inseparable. We hung out everyday. On wednesdays we would go to the parlor and eat wings. Wednesdays were half wing wednesdays. On fridays we would go to the movies, saturdays I would go to his house and we would do stuff like play video games, study, watch TV, just hangout. On sundays we would play basketball, and he would teach me. Eventually I got pretty good, but never as good as him. Sometimes, I would teach him the basics of soccer. That was the sport I really loved to play. Us hanging out went on for years. He was my bestfriend, I told him everything about my home situation. I confided in him. He was all I had since my brother was sent away. We were almost like brothers, until his 15th birthday on March 1st.

He threw a really big party for his birthday. His mom was out of town, and his dad didn't know he was throwing it. His parents were divorced, but I met both of them. He had a lovely family, and loving siblings too. At his party, I maybe had a little more to drink then necessary, but I wasn't sloppy drunk. I was still aware of what I was doing, I just felt really good. Justin hadn't drunk much, but still had the time of his life. After everybody was gone, we cleaned up the place and lounged on the couch watching movies. It was about 2 am on a saturday night. I started getting sleepy, but I didn't want to get up and go into Justin's bedroom. I felt my eyelids getting heavy and my body slumped onto Justin's, my head fell on his shoulder. And right before I drifted into my deep slumber, I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder, pulling me closer and a pair of soft lips press against my forehead. 

I didn't question Justin about what happened that night, and he acted as if it never happened. But why did he do that? Then, I thought maybe he was just being nice. I was naive and wanted to make myself believe that, so I did. Justin had been putting out songs on youtube for a long time, and a man named Scooter found him when he was twelve. Very Soon after he turned 15, he released his first single "One Time." After this, everything seemed to move so fast. But through the storm of fame and success, he didn't ever forget about me. He took me everywhere with him. My parents were upset that I was leaving and traveling everywhere but I didn't care. They weren't going to do anything for me. I took this opportunity to travel the world, with my "bestfriend." But I wanted more then that from Justin, ever since he kissed my forehead and protectively wrapped his arm around me. I longed for something more. And I finally got it on his 17th birthday, two years later to the day.

He had a small gathering of friends, colleagues, family, and producers. To name some celebrities, Usher, Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, and a few more. His mom, dad, siblings, Scooter, and other songwriters were there. The dinner lasted for hours, and it was so much fun. Alot of laughs, cheesy memories from his family, and gifts opened. He got some very sentimental gifts that year that made him miss home even more. He often told me that's why he's glad I was there for it all, I was his home. After everyone had left, it was just me and him at his bachelor pad alone, just like every other night. 

"I'm tired Jus, I'm going to lay down alright?" I said groggy. 

"Alright Chase." He said tossing some dishes into the sink.

"Happy birthday again." I said climbing upstairs. I walked into my bedroom and peeled out of the outfit I was wearing the night. I threw on some sweatpants and walked into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and inspected myself. I had brown hair, a darker shade then Justin's. Small but perky lips, a defined jaw structure, and green eyes. Body wise, I wasn't like an Adonis. But I had somewhat defined stomach, small biceps, and a v-line. I brushed my teeth and washed my face before lazily walking back into my room and crawling into bed. I pulled back my heavy black cover and wrapped myself into it, inhaling the scent of fresh sheets. My eyes shut closed but I hadn't fallen asleep. I was exhausted but I couldn't find myself to sleep. I shuffled back and forth  in m bed and kept my eyes closed hoping this would make me fall asleep. After about 30 minutes of this, I heard my door creak open. I didn't turn around or anything, I knew exactly who it was. I thought nothing of it, maybe he left something in my room. But boy was I wrong. I felt a warm, shirtless body climb into bed with me. He slowly scooted his body next to mine and wrapped his arm around my frame. Compared to Justin, his body was much more defined then mine. He was a couple of inches taller, and all around he was so much sexier in every way possible. He smelled like strawberry's and his body heat had goosebumps erupting all over my body. He pulled me in closer and his length was against the small of my back. He placed small but effective butterfly kisses along my neck. I kept playing like I was asleep. He moved up along the back of my neck until he reached my ear. He sucked on my earlobe and I let out a small moan. 

"I knew you weren't asleep." He said huskily  in my ear. I turned around to face him. I took in his appearance, the only light I had was emitting from the moon shining in through my window. His hair was messy, his lips as luscious as ever, and his eyes glowing with something I hadn't seen them glow with before, passion. He looked at me and rubbed his thumb over the creases in my forehead, then the tracing the shape of my arched eyebrows, then tracing his thumb over my top and bottom lip. "Your so beautiful." He said pulling his thumb away from my lip, moving it down to the small of my back placing it on one of my back dimples. 

"Justin..." I said out of breath. "What are you doing?" 

"Something I've wanted to for a very, very long time. Show you how much I adore you." He placed his hands on my hips, holding me in place before he drew closer to me. His lips placed atop mine and motioned a reaction out of me. I kissed back, slowly. It was innocent. He broke the kiss and I felt like a piece of something had been taken away from me. "You don't know how long I've wanted to do that." He said smiling. He came back and kissed again, this time more desperately and with more passion. His tongue traced my bottom lip and I parted. His tongue laid atop mine and swirled around my mouth. His taste was a mix of mint and honey. It was the most amazing taste. It was my first kiss. 

He flipped me on my back and hovered over me, his strongly defined arms on either side of my face, the kiss never being broken. He laid his chest on mine and our erect lengths on top of each other. He slowly ground his hips against mine, making our erections press against each other. I moaned in his mouth.

"It's so hot when you moan Chase." He said out of breath. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him back down, his lips locking with mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he kept grinding against me. He cut the kiss of and planted kisses along my neck. He sucked on the base of my jaw connected to my neck. My soft spot, I moaned and put my hands in his messy bed hair. 

"Yes." I kept moaning over and over. "Don't stop." He smirked at me. 

"I haven't even started." He traveled down my neck. Dotting kisses down my chest. He wrapped his lips around my right nipple and nibbled lightly on it making me moan even louder. He licked a perfect line down my stomach and flicked at my naval.  He put his hands on the him of my sweatpants and my boxers. He slowly pulled them down and planted kisses along my clean pube area. I shaved down there, it was disgusting to me if I didn't. I put my hand over his and stopped him, he looked up at me. His honey brown eyes piercing through me.

"Are you... sure?" I asked unsure. He didn't have to do this for me, or to me. He nodded and rose back above me and kissed me softly.

"I want to show you." He said. He pecked my lips again before going back down and pulling off my sweatpants and my boxers at the same time. He kissed my head and kissed all the way down my length. I moaned and wrapped one of my hands in his hair, the other gripping the bed sheet. He wrapped his lips around my dick and  sucked up and down. Bobbing his head, making a rhythm out of it. My hips couldn't stop moving, the immense amount of pleasure coursing through my body was almost to much for me to handle. My eyes rolled in the back of my head and I kept moaning his name.

"Yes. Justin. Justin." My mouth never closed and beads of sweat formed on my forehead. "I can't, I-I'm about to..." He sucked one more time and rose back to my face. He connected his lips with mine and began to stroke  my length hard and fast, never breaking the kiss. I was reaching my climax. "I'm there." I moaned into his mouth. He released me and I came in convulsions. I screamed and hollered. I saw spots and I felt as if I was in ecstasy. As I came down Justin still hovered over me and watched me intently as I was shaking from pleasure and glistening from sweat. 

"That was so hot." He smirked at me and chuckled a little. "And it was all because of me." I wrapped one of my arms around his neck and the other played with hair that stuck to his forehead from his own sweat. 

"Justin, you didn't. Well uh..." He put his finger over my lip and stopped me.

"I know, I'm not finished." He quickly flipped me on my back and stripped his sweatpants and underwear off in one swift motion. "I want to make love to you." And at those words, coming out of his mouth. I got the feeling I had before. He traced kisses down my back and licked a perfect line down my back. He kissed my back dimples before he planted warm wet kisses on my cheeks. "Do you want to?" He asked me. I nodded.

"Yes, I need this." I said gripping my sheets. He spread my cheeks apart before placing a finger outside my whole, teasing me. It was wet so I assumed he sucked on his finger, wetting it. He slowly eased it in. I tensed up in pain and cried out in little spurts of pain. 

"Do you want me to stop?" He asked concerned. I nodded my head back and forth. He kept easing in, opening my hole up. The pain didn't go away, but I tried to keep quiet for Justin. He kept fingering my hole for a few minutes before pulling out. Leaving me with an empty feeling. "I'm going to try two now. Is that okay?" He asked again. I nodded. He slowly stuck his index finger and his middle finger inside of me. I cried out in pain and Justin stopped his motions. "I'm stopping."

"No." I said barely able to speak. "Don't Justin, it'll get better. Please." I begged. "Don't stop, keep going." I said. He reluctantly stuck both his fingers in me and when they were all the way in I told him to wait. I wanted to get past the pain, I wanted to feel all of him inside of me. "Okay, keep going." I said. He motioned his two fingers out of me and some of the pain turned into pleasure, and I began moaning Justin's name which made him smile. I couldn't see it, but I just knew it did. "I want all of you." I said between moans. "Please." Justin took his fingers out of me and went to his sweatpants and pulled out a condom. 

"Better to be safe." He said quietly, unwrapping the condom. He put it around his long shaft and positioned himself above me. He flipped me to wear I was on my back. "I want to watch you." He said in a husky voice. He positioned his length in front of my whole.

"Go." I said wrapping my hands in his hair. He slowly entered me and stretched my whole, making me gasp. "Wait." I said and he obeyed. I was feeling alot more pain then I did before but I moved my hips and adjusted myself wanting to get past the pain. "Okay...." He slowly pushed into me, when he was all the way in I asked him to stop again. I pulled his lips to mine and bit his bottom lip, making him groan in pleasure. "Chase, your so tight man." He said. I gave him the okay and he slowly began to move out of me, he didn't move all the way out though. He left his head in before slowly pushing all the way back in. The pain started to subside and was replaced with pleasure. "Faster." I said, looking into his beautiful eyes. He started to go faster.

"Fuck." He said moaning. He started pumping faster. I moaned his name very loud when he hit my g-spot. "Your so tight Chase." He kept saying. 

"Yes, yes. Keep going, don't stop." I said out of breath. He slammed his length inside of me, his torso connecting with my ass making a loud clapping sound.

"Chase, I'm about to come." Justin said out of breath.

"Me too, please. Don't stop Justin. Don't stop." I said bringing his face down to mine and sloppily kissing him, tongue and all. His thrusts became sloppier and he screamed in pleasure, throwing out my name and profanities. 

"Come for me." He said out of breath. That was all it took for me to go over the edge. I came all over my body, his stomach, and the sheets. I screamed out in pleasure, repeating his name. He took his condom off and tossed it on the floor. He kissed me once again wrapping his arms under my back, holding me close. "I love you Chase." I smiled into the kiss.

"I love you too, Jus." He smiled and kissed me again, and again, and again. He finally laid down next to me and pulled me into him, his body heat radiating off of me. He still smelled of strawberry, also mixed with sweat. "Happy birthday." I said drifting off finally into sleep.

"This was the best gift I could've been given, you. I love you Chase, more then you know." He said kissing the back of my neck and falling to sleep.

And there you have it. Justin was there for me when I finally came out to my parents, and he comforted me after they basically disowned me as their son. He was there for me when people abused me through the internet because of our close friendship. He was my lover, my bestfriend, and the love of my life. Seems like everything from there has been smooth sailing right? We confess our love to each other and have the most amazing sex. But, that was almost two years ago. And thinks have changed. Justin's gotten bigger, global phenomenon status. He's been through alot. Rumors, having to pretend to be "in love" with Selena Gomez, a photographer dieing trying to get a picture of him, and people in his team pressuring him to be the perfect Canadian boy they the world to see him as. But Justin isn't perfect, nobody is. You just can't force perfection. But, since Scooter wanted him to be perfect, that meant I had to hide. He had to pretend to be straight to the world, he has to keep me a secret. He has to keep me hidden. Hidden in the shadows. The pressures of everything are starting to get to him, and I'm seeing the one person I love with everything in me transforming before my very eyes. Even if I am just a secret to the world, I know Justin loves me. His family has welcomed me with open arms as well, everybody likes me apart from Scooter. He thinks I'm going to ruin his career. I want nothing more then for Justin to break down barriers and become bigger then his now. But above all the fame and fortune, I just want Justin to be happy. And he isn't. So I wait, wherever he tells me too. Rather it be a hotel, motel, diner, behind some abandoned building, where ever it is. I wait on him, just to see that unforgettable smile on his face and tell him that everything is going to be okay. 

I sit in the shadows, hidden from the world. But is it all worth it? Is all the suffering worth this? Crying myself to sleep some nights, knowing that I don't get to see Justin as much as I used to because Scooter thinks I'm a distraction? Having to see him everywhere I look? I tell myself everyday that I'm a fool for staying with Justin given the circumstances. And I am a fool, but I'm a fool who is hopelessly in love wit Justin Drew Bieber, the kid I met 6 years ago in a pizza parlor.

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