In the shadows.

You think you know Justin Bieber? You may know that his name is Justin Drew Bieber, born in Canada. Born on March 1st, 1994. You see him as a young icon, a musician, the former boyfriend of Selena Gomez. But what you don't know, is that he has many secrets. Secrets, that if anyone found out, his career would be over. Want to know how I know these secrets? Because My name is Chase. Chase McKenzie, and I'm Justin Bieber's boyfriend.


2. Chapter I

I sat in a secluded diner, away from the city streets and busy nights. I waited here for Justin to arrive in a slick black truck driven by Scooter. He had a show in Stanford and asked to meet me here. It was almost 10 o'clock, and I sat in a almost deserted diner. The only people here were me, the cook, and the waitress. It was kind of shabby, not the cleanest place. Did I mind having to do this? Somewhat. 

I hadn't seen Justin in about 2 months. Everywhere I looked I saw his face. Magazines, television, radio stations, I heard his voice. And every time, I felt the same pain twisting in my gut. I missed the alone time that I always had with him. But Scooter, Justin's oh so lovely manager, banned me from touring most of the time. There were rare occasions where I could go on the road with him, but like I said. That was very rare.

"Here's your coffee hun." The waitress said. She looked old, had wrinkles on her face. But she had a different type of timeless beauty. Her messy blonde hair in a bun, a light blue work outfit with a fluffy white apron, eye-liner atop her eyes, and popping red lipstick. 

"Thank you." I grabbed the cup and smelled the bittersweet scent of pure ground coffee. I added my two packs of sugar, and three cups of creamer to make the perfect blend. My iPhone 5 that Justin had bought for me on Christmas sat on the table, in front of me. I stared waiting for it to vibrate, indicating that he was near. I took sips of the coffee, letting the feeling warm my throat and run down my chest, into my stomach. I sighed and placed the cup on the counter and put my face in my hands. My phone vibrated and the name "Love" popped up on my phone. 

I'm about five minutes away babe. I can't wait to see you.

I smiled at the text and felt a familiar heat rush into my cheeks. I sat my phone down and fiddled with my fingers. I would pick the phone up and make sure my face wasn't tired, and my hair wasn't out of place. I wonder if he's changed the last two months, I wonder if he got any new tattoo's. He told me he worked out alot more now, I wonder how much more defined his arms were. Or his stomach. I was broken from my thoughts when I felt two hands cover my eyes. I reached and placed my hands on top of his, they still had a rough texture. But soft and delicate at the same time. 

"Jus." I said and smiled. He chuckled and took his hands out from over my eyes. I stood up and put my hands on his large hoodie. He seemed... taller. And more defined. But when I looked in his eyes, he looked tired. And sad, weary. Almost empty. He gave me a small smile.

"Stop looking at me like that Chase." He said chuckling a little bit. "It's like your trying to read me."

"You look sad." I said softly. I placed my hands on his defined face. His hands grabbed mine and he closed his eyes.

"I missed your touch." He said softly, taking my hand and pressing it to his lips. He brought his hands to my waist and pulled me into him, hugging me tightly. "I missed your scent. I missed the way I feel when your around. I missed you so much." He pressed his lips to mine. I savored the flavor of his kiss, sucking on his bottom lip. His teeth grazing my bottom lip. I pulled away and looked at him, and smiled. I sat down in the booth and scooted over, allowing room for him. He sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. I snuggled into his arm.

"When do you leave?" I asked, tracing circles on his thighs, through his jeans.

"Tomorrow night, I'm going back to LA." I nodded and sighed. "I know, I don't want to leave you. I want you to come." He said.

"Can I?" I asked, hoping he would find a way. But knowing that he wouldn't be allowed too. Instead of immediately saying no, he didn't say anything. I looked up at him. He had a baseball cap on and over the cap, he had his hood on. I reached up and took the hood down. I reached to take his baseball cap off, but he stopped me. "Don't worry, nobody will see us." I said. He slowly released my hand, allowing me to remove his cap. I wrapped a piece of his hair in my finger. "I missed your hair." I said smiling dumbly. He laughed a genuine laugh and kissed my forehead.

We sat there for hours talking about everything. How his family was doing, how the tour was, how much fun it was for him to perform, his new tattoo's, everything. Soon it was almost 1 o'clock in the morning and his phone vibrated.

"It's Scooter." He said. He put the phone to his face and inspected the text. "I have to get back to the hotel now." He said sadly. I gripped his hoodie tighter, fighting back the sadness coming over me. "I'm not leaving you like this again. It kills me every time I call you, and your crying over the phone." He said. He grabbed my face in his hands. "Your coming with me." He said, his honey eyes looking into mine. And at that moment, everything turned to bliss. I grabbed his face and kissed him with as much passion as I could muster. 

"I love you... I love you." I said. He kissed me one last time before getting up and paying for our coffee's. He tipped the waitress a hundred dollars and thanked her for her service. She was in shock and couldn't shut her mouth but she kept nodding at him. We walked out of the diner to see the black truck he was dropped of in, the windows were tinted so I couldn't get a sneak of the expression on Scooter's face. Justin opened the back door for me and I climbed in, him coming in directly behind me.

"Why is he here Justin?" Scooter asked annoyed.

"Because I'm not leaving him alone anymore. He's coming with me, at least for a little while." Scooter turned around and pierced right into my soul with the anger burning in his eyes.

"If you cause Justin any distractions, if you ruin his public reputation, if you even think about-"

"Stop." Justin said sternly. "That's enough. Don't speak to him any kind of way." Justin said, gripping my hand harder. My heart was racing, but his touch helped calm me back down. Scooter turned around and profanities escaped his lips as he started the car and drove back to the hotel. The ride was silent, all you could hear were Scooter's loud puffs of breath. When we arrived at the hotel, we entered through a back door and went to the top floor. Scooter went into his own room and slammed the door. Justin grabbed my hand and led me to his room. It was so posh, and big. I walked in and stood in front of the giant glass window, and the view of our hometown of Stanford was absolutely breath taking. Some buildings were lit up, cars driving by, and stars dotted the blueish black sky. Justin wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed the side of my neck, sucking lightly. I leaned my head over to give him more leverage.

"You think Scooter hates me even more now?" I asked smirking lightly. He laughed and continued to suck on my neck.

"Maybe." He sucked harder and grazed my neck making me moan in satisfaction. I threw my hand back, tossing off his hood and his snapback, and grabbing his hair. He released my neck after a few minutes and blew lightly on the spot where a blueish purple mark was formed. "It's beautiful he smirked." I turned around and pushed him backwards over the couch. I straddled him and he placed his hands on my hip. I reached for the bottom of his hoodie and slowly started to peel it off his body. He helped me, throwing his arms above his head. I got it off and tossed it over the arm of the couch. I traced his now much more defined abs. I traced a line and circled his nipples, going until my finger was on his lips. 

"Your so much more muscular." I said. He kissed the tip of my finger and smiled.

"It's all for you." He said smirking. He pulled at the sweatshirt I was wearing and pulled it over my head. He leaned forward and lightly flicked at my nipple. I wrapped my hands in his hair and moaned in satisfaction as he sucked and nibbled on my right nipple. He picked me up, wrapping my thighs around his waist, and carried me into the room that housed a giant king sized bed. He lightly placed me on top of it and began to suck on my neck again. I switched roles and flipped so I was on top of him. I kissed the tip of his nose and licked his top lip, teasing him. His mouth opened, expecting me to kiss him but I didn't. His eyes opened and I laughed lightly at his disappointed expression.

"Don't tease me." He said poking me in my stomach. I grabbed his hands and pinned them above his head. I kissed his sweet tasting lips and used my tongue to trace a line down from his chin all the way to his naval. I swirled my tongue on his belly button whilst sliding his jeans down until he was in only his boxers. I kissed his length throw the boxers and licked. He was oozing pre come and it was seeping through the thin material. "Please, don't tease me babe." He said out of breath. I took the him of his boxers in my teeth and pulled them down and used my hands the rest of the way. I took his erect shaft in my hand and licked the tip of his pulsing head. He threw his head back in satisfaction, his eyes shut tightly. I wrapped my lips around his head and took as much of him in my mouth as I could. I sucked and swirled my tongue as I listened to him moan and say my name. His salty sweet juices seeping on to my tongue and down my throat. I deep throated him and he almost screamed out in pleasure. I was willing to do anything to make him happy. He put his hand on my head and pushed down making a rhythm. "Yes." He kept saying breathless. "Don't stop." He said. I bobbed harder and faster then before. "I'm about to come."

I gave one more big suck and when I released it made a popping sound. I ground my own length against him. He came on my jeans and his stomach. His gasps filling the solemnly quiet hotel room. My lips connect with his and our tongues danced together. He reached for the button and zipper of my jeans. I kicked them off and he flipped me over, then making sure I was on my stomach. He kissed all the way down my body. He reached my butt and spread my cheeks apart.

"I want to try something... new." He said. I didn't expect what happened next. He stuck his tongue into my whole. I didn't know what to do, this was a different kind of pleasure I was feeling and I absolutely loved it. He sucked and stuck all of his tongue inside of me. I couldn't stop moaning his name. I gripped the pillow in front of me and buried my face in it. He continued to flick and lick at my hole and I swear the whole world around me was turning colors. He stopped eating my whole and immediately stuck two fingers inside of me, catching me by surprise. He pumped fast in and out of me. "Say my name." He said. 

"Justin. Justin." I kept saying his name to satisfy him. He leaned forward, still fingering me, and sucked on the exposed skin of my back. "Faster. I'm almost there." I said out of breath. He began pumping faster and my moans became louder. He began sucking harder and grazing my skin with his teeth. He hit my g-spot with his fingers and I went over the edge. I came in convulsions all over the bed sheets. He pulled out of me and wrapped his arms around my waist. 

"You don't know how much I missed that." He said out of breath. He kissed the back of my neck. I pushed myself closer against his back.

"I love you so much. Please, don't leave me again. I don't know if I can take it." I said in a serious tone. I turned to face him and he looked back at me. He kissed my forehead, then my nose, then my lips.

"I can't promise anything." He said. 

"Please Jus." I pleaded with him. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"I will do my best to not leave you again. That's the best I can do right now. But believe me when I say that I want nothing more then to be with you. To wake up to you every morning, and to wrap you in my arms every night before I sleep." 

"I believe you. It just... hurts." I said. He rubbed circles on my cheek.

"It hurts me too." I wrapped my finger in his hair and looked him in his eyes. He was telling the truth. I could see the pain of everything in his eyes. He lightly brushed my nose with his lips before placing his head deep in his pillow and closing his eyes. I nuzzled my head in his neck and he wrapped his muscular arms around me, making sure no air could come in between us. We fell asleep together, like two pieces to a unsolvable puzzle, but fit together perfectly.

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