Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


48. Wedding and Arrangements

Lili's POV

 Once I saw Niall my heart dropped. "Niall?" I said walking closer to him. "Its not what you think," I said grabbing his hand. 

"Oh and what is it?" Niall asked pulling his hand away. I sighed.

"That's my close friend Elliot, we were helping him with his wedding," I explained. Niall still stood there, while Zayn looked between us. I just sighed and grabbed Elliot's hand. I dragged him over to the moped.

"Lili?" Elliot asked.

"Elliot, take me to your place, I can't deal with them right now," I said getting on the moped. Elliot strapped on his helmet and I put on mine.

"Okay," Elliot said taking off.


Quinn's POV

 I watched as Lili drug Elliot out of the café. "Liam? Help please, I need to make sure she isn't goin to do something crazy," I said as Liam carried me on his back. As we walked closer to the door Niall bolted out.

"Niall!" Zayn said running after him. We were all outside when I watched Elliot and Lili drive off. I sighed.

"Niall, you need to trust Lili," I said looking at him. "Cause this is what happens, and does it make you feel good?" I asked annoyed. He just looked down.

"I.. Im sorry," Niall said playing with his hand. I grunted.

"Don't say sorry to me mister, and Liam lets go find them," I said as Liam helped me on the moped. I quickly text Lili and she sent me the address. I put it in map quest.

"I will see you guys later," Zayn said waving. I smiled as Liam took off. Once we got to the address I noticed it was a house. I was a bit confused.

"Probably Elliot's and Yolanda's," Liam explained. I nodded as Liam lifted me up bridal style. We walked up to the house and knocked. We were surprised to see Yolanda there.

"Hey guys! Just in time!," Yolanda said letting us inside. We walked in and saw Lili and Elliot. "We are disgusting color themes, and I think we found the one," Yolanda cheered. We walked in and Liam sat me next to Lili.

'Hey," I said smiling. Lili smiled at me. "Why did you com here?" I asked.

"I knew Niall was going home, so I didn't want to go there," Lili said shrugging. I nodded. Liam sat next to me and Yolanda had sat on the other couch with Elliot.

"We decided the flower theme would be Lily's and it would be a glamour wedding," Elliot smiled squeezing Yolanda's hand. I smiled and looked at Lili. "And you two are going to be brides maids!" Elliot finished. My jaw dropped.

"Its my pleasure," Yolanda insisted. I just smiled. I was going to speak but my phone was ringing. Louis. I got up and hopped to the kitchen, with Liam's help.

Louis~ Where are you guys?

Quinn~ Friends house, why?

Louis~ Cause Zayn told me what happened, and I need to make sure Lili is okay

Quinn~ I thought you would be worried about Niall, since he is your mate

Louis~ Well Lili is my sister, so can you guys come home, Im really worried.

Quinn~ Be home soon, or when ever

I hung up and gave my phone to Liam. "Louis wants us home, and I think you have an interview soon anyways," I said as Liam lifted me on his back.

"Lili, we need to get going, I have an interview later today," Liam said. Lili sighed and hugged both Yolanda and Elliot.

"Lili I have to drive the moped back, and I need to give you a lift," Elliot laughed letting go of the hug. Lili blushed. Elliot kissed Yolanda and we were off.~~~

"Thanks Elliot," Liam said handing the keys to Elliot.

"No problem, stop by when ever, and I will get a hold of you when we really start making plans," Elliot smiled. Lili and I gave him a hug and left. I finally was crutching again. When we got to the hotel Louis came out of his hotel room. He came over to Lili and picked her up throwing her on his shoulder.

"LOUIS!" Lili complained. Me and Liam just laughed.

"Want to go out?" Liam asked. I smiled as Liam and I headed out again. "I have special plans," Liam said pressing the elevator button.

Lili's POV

Once Louis finally sat me down, I crossed my arms not looking at him. "Lili, please," Louis said sitting next to me. Once I looked at him I broke down into tears. Louis pulled me in for a hug. "Tell me," Louis whispered.

"I don't understand him any more," I said looked up at him. "Its like one minute he cares, the other he is disappointed," I said whipping my tears.

"Niall is just confused, he is just worried of losing you again," Louis said. I just scoffed.

"Again, it seems as if it never happened," I said looking at my hands. "Why aren't you taking Niall's side?" I asked.

"Cause your my sister, and nobody should treat you that way," Louis said smiling. Then there was a knock at the door. Louis stood up and answered it. Paul walked in and came to me.

"Lili, a guy named George wants to speak to you," Paul said. I covered my mouth trying to find my thoughts, but all I could think was my poor baby he took away from me.

"Whose George?" Louis asked me.


NOTE~ Oh snap, whose George? Do you remember? Lol~ Mystery_Horan_Girl

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