Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


34. Touring

Lili's POV

 After Elliot let go of the hug he looked around. "So shall we go off and do something else?" Elliot asked. I looked at Quinn and she smiled.

"Sure where to?" I asked Elliot as we began to walk.

"Its called Musee du Louvre," Elliot said. "Or for Americans, called the Louvre Museum," Elliot finished that way Quinn could understand. I nodded.

"I honestly have never been here before," I said as we stood in front of a beautiful building.

"The Louvre is a huge art gallery housed in an old Parisian palace. It holds a collection of nearly 400,000 items of art and historical objects in its permanent collection. This collection includes the Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo." Elliot said leading us inside.

"You know this is just an amazing place! Why didn't... Never mind," I said turning around.

"You alright?" Elliot asked. He placed a hand on my shoulder. I turned to face him.

"Im fine, just old memories," I said continuing to walk on. Once we finished looking around at Musee du Louvre I think it was time for a lunch break.

"So anyone else hungry?" Quinn asked. I was going to say something but Quinn beat me to it. "Never mind, I know the answer from Lili here," she said chuckling.

"How about Gérard Besson?" Elliot asked as we got into his car. "He names his own dishes and only serves the best," Elliot said beginning to drive. "And for dinner we shall go to L'Entrepot," Elliot finished.

"I have heard of L'Entrepot," I said thinking. Elliot nodded.

"Its a famous dance club/bar/eatery," Elliot said parking. I nodded and got out.

"But lets worry about Lunch first," I said chuckling. Elliot smiled and led me and Quinn inside.

~~~ After Lunch~~~ Blah blah blah~~~

"Well, I must say I feel as if I ate like a queen," Quinn said patting her stomach. I laughed and nodded agreeing with her.

"So I will drop you ladies off at your hotel and I will come to pick you up later to go to the club," Elliot explained beginning to drive to our hotel.

"Okay, its the Comfort Inn," I explained making sure he knew which hotel to go to. Elliot nodded pulling up to the hotel.

"Well see you later, Oh and Im going to bring my girlfriend so she can meet you two," Elliot said hugging me and Quinn goodbye.

"See you then," I said waving goodbye. Me and Quinn got into the hotel and made it into the elevator before Quinn went off.

"Dude, he has a girlfriend!" Quinn said shocked.

"So, its not like I was going to date him," I said as we got to our floor. "Anyways, Im not even sure if me and Niall are still together.

"Well, call them," Quinn nudged as we got into our room. I just turned to her.

"How about no," I said sitting down.

"At least call your brother to tell him your safe," Quinn pleaded. I sighed and pulled my phone out. I dialed Lou's number and it took two rings before he answered.

Lou-LILI! How are you, are you okay, please come back

Lili-Im okay Lou, and I think its best if I just stay here

Lou- Look, Im so sorry, I just... He is my mate, and your my sister

Lili-And How much I really care, if you cared you would be okay with it, but you obviously have a problem with me or him, and im guessing its me

I hung up and sighed. "I swear, he doesn't even care, I bet mum forced Lou to take me ," I said wanting to cry.

"No no don't say that," Quinn said sitting next to me. I just took a deep breath and sat up.

"Maybe I should contact Niall," I said in a small voice. Quinn rubbed my back and nodded. I then dialed Niall's number. He answered right away.

Niall-Lili! How have you been?

Lili-Hey Niall, Im fine, just chilling, getting my mind cleared

Niall-that's good to hear, you know we miss you, but in no way am I pressuring you to come back

Lili-thanks Niall our the first one to say that, but I want to know one thing

Niall-shoot for it

Lili-are we together

Niall-Well, honestly Im not sure

I couldn't take it, I hung up and threw my phone. "Im not sure," I whispered.

"Its okay," Quinn said rubbing my back. "That means you do what you please, you know what you deserve better," Quinn said standing up.

"But the sad thing is, I don't want better," I said looking down into my hands. "I wanted him to say, we are together," I said walking over to my suit case. I sighed and pulled out my blue sequin trim dress. I slipped it on and let my hair down.

"What do you think?" Quinn asked as I turned around. She was wearing a coral mesh party dress with a jean jacket and black tights.

"Fabulous!" I said as I began straightening my hair. "Do you want your hair done in a special way?" I asked.

"Maybe a french braid?" Quinn asked sitting down. I nodded and turned my straightener off. I walked over to her and began braiding her hair. A knock on the door interrupted me though. I quickly finished it off and made my way to the door.

"I thought Elliot wasn't suppose to get here until later?" I asked as I opened the door. But it wasn't Elliot.

"Hey," Josh said. I was surprised.

"Aren't you suppose to be with the band," I asked backing up. Josh nodded.

"But the lads found me a replacement until they get here in Paris, so I will be here watching you," Josh said closing the door behind him.  He walked over to the chair and sat down.

"Josh, just go back, I don't need anyone to watch over me," I said grabbing my shoes from my bag. Anyways we are going out to a club," I stated.

"Then I will come," Josh said looking at me. I turned to him and we had a stare off.

"What ever," I said sitting on my bed. "This is stupid, Louis needs to stop treating me like a child," I said looking down at my hands.

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