Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


12. Shopping and Dropping

Lili's POV

  After our conversation we just sat there for a brief moment. "Im going to go see what Niall's doing," I said standing up. "And an plan," I mumbled as I walked out. I trotted down stairs to see Niall watching tv. I checked around and saw he had cleaned up the mess we made. I plopped myself next to him smiling. "Hey Niall watchya watching?" I asked looking at him. "Tv," He mumbled with a hard look on his face. I just stared at him though with a shocked expression.


   He finally turned his head and before he could speak or anything I got up and walked away. "And I thought you were the nice one," I said walking away. I walked not wanting to speak to anyone. I ended up in a room, but I don't know whose. I just closed my eyes and laid there in complete darkness. Waiting. Then I heard feet walking down the hallway. I looked around and saw a closet. I quickly made my way and hid in it. It was soft, I was guessing I was laying on someone's sweatshirt because I could smell a guys scent.


  After sitting there for a while, I felt as if my eyes weighed a ton. I heard the front door open, but didn't think anything of it. I heard a lot of talking and sometimes someone raising there voice. I yawn a couple of times before just laying my head down. I heard footsteps, but I didn't care. I was getting really sleepy. "Yeah Im just going into my room," I heard a british accent say. "alright, make sure you check for Lili, she left with out saying anything," I heard another british voice say. I then rubbed my eyes going off to sleep.


  Louis' POV

  When we came in Niall admitted he had upset Lili. "Why?" I asked angry. "Well, she... well... I guess the secret they were keeping from us," he whispered. I just nodded and looked around. "Well the girls got a hotel room so Im going to go see if Quinn has talked to her," I said making my way up the stairs. I knocked on the door and I heard Quinn say come in. I slowly opened the door and Quinn was just sitting there with the radio going. "hey, have you talked to Lili lately?" I asked. "not after she talked to Niall," she said standing up, "Why is she hurt?" I shook my head. "Lost," I mumbled.


   The door then opened and Zayn stood there. "Hey I found someone," he said leading me to his room. As we walked in he led me to his closet and opened it. I looked in with a confused look. He then pointed to the ground. I looked down to see Lili was fast asleep on the closet floor. "Hm, wounder why she's in here?" I asked bending down. I then lifted her gently in my arms. I walked down to her's and Quinn's room. I walked in and Quinn was pacing till  she saw Lili in my arms. "What?" Quinn asked. I shrugged. "Found her in Zayn's closet," I said chuckling at how that sounded.


   "Why was she in there?" Quinn asked. I just shrugged and tucked Lili in. "We may never know," I said in a weird voice. Quinn just laughed and sat on her bed. "So I guess tomorrow we could all do something together," I said trying to get her to spill the truth. "Sorry, Me and Lili planned a us day tomorrow, going to the mall for shopping," Quinn said smiling. But it was fake and I could tell. I just nodded and walked out of the room and into Niall's. "Found Lili," I said leaning in the door way. "Where?" Niall asked standing up.


    "Found her asleep in Zayn's closet, but I put her in her bed," I said walking inside. "I tried to get Quinn to tell me what's going on, but she won't say, I think we just have to trick them," I said thinking. "Yeah cause asking them would make them see we were listening in," Niall said sitting down. "You mean you were, I just over heard on my phone," I said chuckling. "Well, Night Niall," I said walking out of his room. That's when it hit me... Literally, I got hit with a shoe! I pick it up and see Zayn smiling. "Why?" I asked. "Cause your sister still has my sweatshirt," Zayn said chuckling. Weird.


Lili's POV

  As I woke I felt the presence of someone. I slowly open my eyes to see Quinn pacing. "You alright?" I asked. She stop and shook her head. "Okay, I think they know, and I don't know what to do," Quinn started to panic. "I have a better idea!" I said sitting up. "And?" Quinn nagged on. "We reschedule for tomorrow, and do something today," I said standing up. "Like shopping!" Quinn said excitedly. I just turn to her with a shocked face. "That's what I told Lou were doing," Quinn shrugged smiling. I nodded and got up fully. I then realize Im in Zayn's sweatshirt.


  I shrugged and threw it in my bag, I like this one sooo, ya Im just gonna 'borrow' it. I took a quick shower and got dressed in a solid criss-cross back short-sleeve shirt with tropical high-waist shorts. I put on my Espirit party flip flops and began looking for my cell. "Alright Quinn where did my cell go?" I asked. She just shrugged and pulled out hers. I noticed Quinn was wearing a floral union jack tank top with a fray denim vest and ankle crop sunny pink jeans. I then heard my phone start to go off. I looked around and I guess it wasn't in here. "Try again," I said walking out of the room.


  I could hear it in one of the lads rooms. I followed it and opened the door to see Lou... in his boxers. "AHHH IM BLIND!" I scream covering my eyes and falling over. I just curled up in a ball and waited. "Lil!" I hear Lou's voice. "Louis I swear you better have you dam pants on," I said with my eyes still covered. I heard him trot away and back. "Happy?" he asked. I uncovered my eyes and he threw on sweat pants only. "Much," I said as he helped me up. "Now what did you need?" Louis asked. "My phone, Me and Quinn are leaving in ten," I said walking in his room.


  "Alright, I was charging it because I found you asleep on Zayn's closet floor," Lou said chuckling. I just shrugged as I unplugged my phone. "So what are you and the lads doing today?" I asked. He shrugged, "Sound check," he said sitting on his bed. "Sounds like so much fun," I said putting my phone in my butt pocket. "Are you going out like that?" Louis asked me. "Nah Im going to put my hair in a messy bun, then Im going out," I said beginning to walk out. "NO!" I heard Louis scream before I got tackled. "HELP!" I yelled trying to get out of his grasp. "Not until you change," he said pinning my arms down. "HELP!" I yelled again trying to get free.


   I heard feet running my way. I tilted my head and saw Liam, Niall, and Zayn. "Help!" I said trying to get free. "No she is not going out like that, your just asking to get kidnapped!" Louis wiggling his eyebrows. I then felt the weight lift off me and someone lift me up. I looked to see Zayn and Liam holding Lou, and Niall was carrying me away. "Thanks," I said looking down. "Im sorry," Niall said right away. I just looked at him confused. "For being an ass, I shouldn't have been like that," Niall admitted. "Its fine..." I started but we heard yelling. "Irish boy give me my sister!" Louis screamed. I held onto Niall tighter as he ran down the stairs. He looked around and grabbed my purse.


  "Come on Quinn!" Niall said running out the door. Quinn followed a bit behind. We quickly ran to the elevator and quickly pressed the ground button. Finally the doors shut and we heard Louis banging with his fists against the doors. We stood there for a second before I asked Niall, "Could you set me down?" He blushed and set me down. "Thank you," I said hugging him tight. "No problem, just be safe," Niall said as the doors open. I just walked a bit before saying, "No promises," I heard him laugh as the doors shut. "Should we call a cab?" Quinn asked. "Nah, lets walk, it isn't that far," I said grabbing her hand.


  ~Half an hour later~ "See it wasn't that bad," I said getting us two lemonades. "I guess not," Quinn said turning around, but she quickly turned back to me. "Lili.... I think the lads followed us," Quinn whispered. I nodded. "I know, because, like you said they might know," I said smiling. "Well, I see just Louis and Niall," Quinn whispered. I shrugged taking a drink of my lemonade. "Well, then I could careless, lets just have fun!" I said walking proudly towards Hollister. As we walked I saw some of the cute models out front. Now I have a plan. After I bought a few shirts and a couple of shorts with Quinn we began to walk out. "Watch this," I whispered. I walked straight up to the model.


   "Hi!" I said smiling. He looked me up and down and smiled. Pervert. I just kept smiling though. "Hey babe," he said trying to flex. "So do you usually shop here?" He asks. "Only when your around," I said winking. He just smiled and brought me in for a hug. "Wait a little longer for my break and we could have a good time," I just winked and got loose. "See you then," I said waving goodbye. Once we were a safe distance away I turned to Quinn. "Perverts," I grunted. Quinn just laughed. "Well, that was your plan, Quinn shrugged. I nodded as I thought of a better plan. "Come with me," I said tugging on her arm. We sat infront of the plants were Niall and Louis were.


   "Quinn  should totally buy the smallest bathing suit I can for that hot Hollister model," I said winking her way. "Totally, I think he really wants..." Quinn couldn't finish because Louis popped up with a red face full of anger. "Leaving. Now. Lili." Louis said grabbing my upped arm. He began pulling which hurt. "Lou! please stop... it hurts," I whispered. He then turned around and his face softened. "Im.. Im sorry.. its just..." Louis began to speak. "No, we did that because we knew your two were spying," I said pointing to him and Niall. "Well, then what are you and Quinn hiding?" Louis asked. "Lou, please some things you don't need to know," I said patting his arm.


   "I will find out," Louis said pointing at me. I nodded, "Sure Lou, sureee," I said laughing. "Well, since were here lets all go shopping and get something to eat. "Sure the food courts this way!" Niall said cheerfully. "Only you would know," I said laughing. As we started to walk this way I forgot Hollister was this way. When we were walking past it I felt something grab my hips. "LOU!" I yelled straight away. He turned and saw the guy grabbing me. Niall started running and the man just dropping me getting into a fist fight with Niall and Lou.


  I got up and saw how hurt the two lads were. The man just chuckled and walked my way. "Now lets see what that pretty outfit looks like off of you," the man said walking towards me. My heart race began to pick up and I did what I thought I could do. I went to punch him, but he caught my hand twisting my arm. He just chuckled and pulled me close putting me in an arm lock. I couldn't breath and I needed air fast. I tried beating on his arm, but all I got back in return was a punch to the gut, and I was out like a light.

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