Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


4. Pepsi

Lili's POV

     I just watched as they looked at each other. " Okay well tell me what your ranked as in the band," I said trying to make this simpler. They thought for a moment and Louis spoke first, " Im the funny and oldest one." I nodded and looked at Harry. Im kinda worried about know which one he is. He gave me a cheek grin before speaking.


     " Im the flirt and the youngest," Harry ended with a wink. I rolled my eyes looking at Louis to see him glaring at Harry. I then looked at Liam and said, " Liam?" He nodded and said, " The smart, responsible, and seems like the oldest, but isn't," He shrugged and I smiled laughing. I then looked at Zayn. " Im mystrious and a bradford bad boy," Zayn said leaning back on the couch. I nodded.


      " Niall?" I asked, but felt butterflies just saying his name. He smiled and said, " Loud, funny, and Im the only Irish one." Niall winked secretly without Lou noticing. I smiled and stood up. " Be back," I said then trotted up stairs to find Quinn. I walked over to her and she looked up at me. " They had to leave," I said sighing. Its a good thing Im an amazing actress. Quinn nodded standing up.


     She dusted herself off and was the first to go downstairs. I followed after with an evil grin plastered on my face. When Quinn walked into the living room she tried bolting away, but I grabbed her by the waist and brought her back in the room. " This... is.... Quinn...," I said trying to get her to stop wiggling every which way. I finally sat her on the couch and sat on her. " There," I said huffing.


     " You tricked me," Quinn complained. I nodded smiling. " But its okay, they won't bite," I said shrugging. " Yeah cause the first thing Im gonna think is when I see a stranger is wow I hope they don't bite," Quinn said making everyone laugh. " See they laughed which means your good girl," I said sitting next to her. She crossed her arms and huffed blowing a lose hair hanging infront of her face.


    I turned my attention back to the lads. " Alright so when we be leaving with you lads?" I asked. " Well, since you guys are on summer break from college, Im guessing tomorrow," Lou said shrugging. I nodded standing up stretching. " Since we will all be living on the same tour bus," Niall said smiling. I dropped my arms and looked at Louis. " Say what?" I asked shocked. " Yeahhh... Im guessing mom didn't tell you that," Louis said smiling. I face palmed my forehead.


    " This is going to be an interesting summer," I said chuckling. " Yeah and you drgged me in it," Quinn said walking up the stairs. I stuck my tongue out and walked into the kitchen. I was reaching into the cuboard until Niall walked in. I looked at him and said, " Yes?"  He smiled and walked over. " Im hungry so Lou sent me in here," Niall said shrugging. I nodded and asked, " What would you like?" He shrugged. I chuckled and reached back into the cuboard to grab crisps.


    I chucked sour cream and onion flavored crisps at Niall. He walked over and gave me a hug. Just him touching me sent eruptions of butterfies in my stomache. Am I falling for him? I shook my head and opened the fridge to grab a pepsi. I walked back into the living room and it was empty. I scratched my head and walked up the stairs hearing noises from the guest room. I cocked my head to the side and walked slowly to the door.


    I peered in to get smacked in the face with a pillow. I dropped my pepsi, which was in a glass bottle, shattered. I clasped my hands over my mouth not making a move. Some glass pierced my foot, but the rest scattered. The boys door fully opened to Niall standing there. He saw the mess and gasped. He ran back into the room and came back out with shoes on. He picked me up brdal style and brought me in the room.


     I felt like I was a princess being saved. " Lou can you clean that up?" Niall asked taking his shoes off and walking into the bathroom. Louis walked out and Niall came back in with a first aid kit. He sat down and sat my feet on his lap. He took tweezers and pulled out the glass. It hurt. He then put antibiotics on it and wrapped my feet. He looked up with sorry eyes. " Im okay, I said trying to stand, but sat back down grabbing my feet. " Im so sorry Lili," Zayn said running over.


    He must have thrown the pillow. I gave him and hug telling him it was okay. I then look and saw they were playing Lou's Xbox, fifa world cup of course. I laughed and watched as Liam and Harry played. I looked back at Niall and asked, " Can you carry me to my room?" Niall nodded and picked my up bridal style again. As we walked out we passed Lou and he had a hint of anger in his eyes. I don't know why though. I then showed Niall my room.


     As Niall carried me in and sat me my butterfly chair. " Just yell if ya need a lift, literally," Niall said making m laugh. He then left leaving me and Quinn. " He likes youuu," Quinn said laughing. I stuck my tongue out as we watched bridesmaid, waiting for dinner. Which was spagetti night! Man I miss spagetti. " DINNER!" Mom yelled. I sighed and told Quinn to go. I sat there until my door creaked open. I looked and saw Niall.


    " Need a lift?" Niall asked walking in. I nodded reaching my arms out. Niall pick me up and walked me downstairs. He sat me down in a chair next to him and Louis. I was then served a huge plate of spagetti. " YES!" I cheered making everyone laugh. I like my spagetti. ( After dinner). After spagetti dinner is always movie night. So we all crowded into the living room. I sat on the floor with Louis and Niall trying to stay warm. It was freezing.


      Half way through the movie I was getting tierd. I leaned my head slowly onto Niall's shoulder. Niall then leaned his head on mine. I think I am falling for him. But I highly doubt he feels the same. Though from what I can see Quinn and Liam are already fast alseep in each others arms. They are so made for each other. If only I could find someone like that. Maybe Niall will be my night in shining armor.




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