Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


2. Nervous

Lili's POV

    " My brother," I whispered. Mom nodded, " Yes your brother," she said smiling. Why do I have to go with him. She then began to wave her hand infront of my face, but I stared off think of my brother. Wow. After all these years he is finally coming back. Does he remember me. I bet he doesn't care about me any more. " LILI!" My mom finally yelled making jump. I looked over and she was just staring at me. " What if I just wanted to stay home?" I asked irritated. " Well sucks cause I don't want you home alone." Mom said leaning back. I looked over at Quinn with pleading eyes. She sighed," Well now I have to spend my summer alone, I wanted to spend it all with Lili," Quinn winned. I tried my hardest not to laugh. " Well good because you are going with to." My mom said crossing her legs. My jaw dropped. " You really want me to go with him don't you?" I asked. Mom nodded. I looked over at Quinn and she was shocked. " But what about Quinn's parents," I said making a good point. " Already dicussed it with them." Mom said. I grunted, " WHY he probably hate me," I said crossing my arms. She sighed standing up. She walked into the kitchen. It took me a minute to process that I have to go with my brother I haven't seen forever, but then I hopped over the couch trotting into the kitchen.


" Does he remember me?" I asked. Mom shrugged grabbing a mug out of the cabinet. " Does he love me?" I asked. " Well, DUH hes your brother," Mom said getting a kettle out. " Does he have brown hair and blue eyes like me?" I asked. Mom nodded putting water in the kettle. " Is he tall," I asked moving closer. Mom nodded. " Is he smart?" I asked leaning over her shoulder. She nodded putting the kettle on the stove. I stood there for a moment thinking of all my questions. " What does he look like clothes wise?" I asked and thats when mom turned around. " Lili you discuss this with your brother when he gets here," Mom said then turned back around to finish makig her tea. She was right though, I have to talk to him anyways. I sighed, " Well whats his name at least?" I asked crossing my arms. " Louis," Mom said passing me to go back to the living room. I nodded. Louis Tomlinson. I couldn't remember my own brothers name. Well I haven't seen him inlike forever so back off. I walked back into the living room and Quinn was putting her coat on. " See you tomorrow?" I asked. Quinn nodded. " By the way he will be here tomorrow morning, with his mates," Mom said turning the tv on. I grunted. GREAT. I gave Quinn a hug then walked to my room. I pulled my laptop out from underneath my bed and Im going to write another entry. Yeah I have all my diary writings in my laptop. Its not safe to have one under your bed or pillow.


Dear Diary,

     Well my brother is coming tomorrow. I have so many questions, but the biggest is if he remembers me. I kinda of remember him. I mean ever since he began missing every other day and the finally left for X-factor. What happened to him. I know he didn't win, but is he staying there in London. Whats wrong with Doncaster?  And bringing his mates? UGH. Well, tomorrow is the day, wish me luck!

                            Love Me


  Yeah thats write I wrote love me. I shut my laptop and walked over to my closet. I opened it looking at all the clothes. Is Louis fashionable? I wonder how he has been since he has left. Its not like he is famous. I mean seriously Louis Tomlinson being famous. It makes me laugh. A Tomlinson being famous. Say it, it doesn't sound right. Louis Tomlinson being famous. I shut my closet and threw my self on my bed. I opened twitter up on my phone and looked for my brother. I typed in Louis Tomlinson. So many results. But by the pictures being the same Im guessing thats what he looks like. Wow. He looks almost like me. Kinda like Twins. I shook my head and tweeted real quick. @LittleTomlinson- Seeing my brother for the first time in a long time tomorrow. Nervous! I plugged my phone in and put my headphones in falling asleep to Ed Sheeran. I hummed till I was fast asleep. ~Next Morning~  I woke up to my radio going off. Mermaid by Train. I rubbed my eyes stretching. I swung my legs over the side of my bed sitting up. I stretched my arms and stood up. I walked into my bathroom and got into the shower letting my radio play as I was in there. I got out drying myself off the putting my hair in a towl. I wrapped my body in my silk robe and walked into my room. I got into my closet pulling out my favorite skinny jeans that show off my legs. I grabbed my teenage mutant ninja turtles t-shirt that had the sides and sleeves cut off. I pulled my green lacey tanktop and threw all of that on my bed.


    I walked back into the bathroom taking my hair out of my towl and drying it off. I quickly hair dried it and began straightning it. Once I finish I braid some of my hair to make it look like a head band. I smiled at my appearance and put on simple eye liner and mascara. I walked into my room and put on the clothes I picked out. Not girly, yet not tomboy. I put on a pair of rainbow ankle socks. I trotted to the kitchen to grab some breakfast. Mom was running around trying to clean up. I laughed as I pulled out a bowl and my lucky charms. " Honey make sure to text Quinn," Mom yelled running upstairs. I got my phone out and text Quinn as I ate my cereal. Me- Make sure you are coming ova!; Quinn- Alright Im heading over, but I feel alone.; Me- Whys that?; Quinn- Walking the streets of Doncaster alone.; Me- Kay well get here ASAP Im bored bye bye.; Quinn- I will take my time, bye bye. I sat my phone down and picked up my bowl and washed it out gently setting it in the sink. " Heading to go meet Louis at the airport, please finish by cleaning the guest room and kitchen," Mom yelled then left. I grunted trotting up the stairs. I opened the door and there was four single beds and just a mess of boxes. I grunted and began moving the beds so it looked room and looked inside the boxes and it was full of regular supplies. I sat that in the corner of the room and went back down stairs.


     I walked into the kitchen and the front door open. " HEY QUINN," I yelled starting to fill the dishwasher. " Hey whats up," Quinn said hanging her coat up. " Cleanin," I said in a disgusted tone. I really hate cleaning. I shut the dishwasher and turned it on and walked over to a drawer. I pulled out two washclothes and got them both wet. Quinn walked in and took one from me to wash the table. I washed down the counters. Soon we finished and plopped ourself on the couch. I turned on Football(soccor). I leaned back and Quinn asked, " So you excited to see your brother?" I shrugged. " I bet he doesn't even remember me," I said speaking my mind. I looked at Quinn and she just gave me a concerned looked. " What?" I asked laughing. But before Quinn could answer we heard multiple doors close. My heart began to race. I hopped over the couch and ran to the door I put my hand on the door handle taking deep breaths. My brother, does he remember me, does he love me? My questions came back in my mind. I took one more deep breath and opened the door. Someone was standing right there. He was wearing stripes and red skinny jeans. I looked up and he was smiling. I smiled back, but wasn't expecting him to say, " I need to use the restroom." Really....


NOTE: WOW first real chapter of the new book. Me and Cait are worried the other will end soon so I came up with this book. BTW I designed the cover... U likey? Lol well go check out They Don't Know About Their Summer Loves! and Hate, Love, Styles! Much love to all who are reading. So like, comment, favorite, and maybe follow!!! ~Chloe ;}

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