Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


46. My Decision

Lili's POV

 I turned to see Niall rubbing his eyes. "Ye... yes?" I asked a bit shaky. Niall yawned and sat up, patting the spot next to him. "What is it?" I asked sitting down.

"Are you okay.. like after I kissed you?" Niall asked worried. I nodded.

"I loved the kiss Niall, but then images of Josh popped up and I got so confused," I said shaking my head. Niall just grabbed my hand.

"Look, I know I shouldn't have kissed you like that, but you seemed so upset, and.. and I can't hide my feelings anymore, Lili I'm in love with you," Niall whispered. I covered my mouth almost crying again.

"Ni... Niall," I whispered. He looked at me with pleading eyes. I stood up and walked back to were I was sleeping. I layed down and covered myself with a blanket. Crying myself back to sleep. ~~

"Lili?" I heard someone whisper. I then was sat on.

"OOF," I said groaning. "Get off," I said chocking. I then heard laughing.

"Come on sis," Louis said standing up. I then sat up allowing Lou to sit down next me. "Lili, were you crying?" Lou whispered. I shook my head wiping my eyes.

"Lou don't worry about it," I whispered. Louis grabbed my hands.

"Please just tell me," Lou whispered. I took a deep breath.

"I still having feelings for Josh, and Niall had kissed me and admitted that he loved me," I siad in one breath. I then watched Lou process it.

"What," He said angry. I squeezed his hand.

"Please, don't do anything, let me handle it," I pleaded. Louis just grunted leaving me. I crossed my arms and sat back.

"Lili?" I heard a girl voice. I turned to see Quinn and Liam. I just looked at them, not even trying to fake a smile.

"I don't think your pay back plan worked," Liam admitted. I nodded.

"It made things worse," I grunted. Quinn just rubbed my arm. "and the sad thing is, I don't think either Niall or Josh will go out with me," I said sighing.

"Im not so sure about that," I heard a third voice. I looked up to see Niall where Liam was standing. "Lili, will you go out with me again?" Niall asked. I looked around and before I could answer the flight attendant told Niall to sit in his seat.

"Well at least you got out of that one," Quinn smiled. I nodded.

"But I don't know how much longer it will last, I don't want to reject him, but I am not ready yet," I said honesty. Quinn just nodded. And soon the plane landed.  We all got off and made our way over to the luggage.

"Lili?" I heard Niall say as he stood next to me. I looked at him. "Can we please talk about earlier?" Niall asked.

"Niall.." I started. I was going to continue but Louis drug me over to the luggage. "Lou what is your problem?" I asked. 

"Quinn told me, and I also found our luggage," Louis said picking up his luggage. "And all the other lads, but Niall know, so we try to drag you, or him away," Lou explained. I nodded.

"I feel bad though," I said looking up at Lou. He just smiled at me.

"Come on," Lou said slinging his arm around me. "Lets get heading to that hotel you stayed at last time," Louis said smiling.


Once we got to the hotel me and Quinn made our way to our room as quick as possible. "We can't doge him forever," I said placing my bag down. "I feel bad,"  I said sitting down. Quinn smiled at me.

"How about we go visit Elliot, and bring Liam with," Quinn said grabbing her crutches. "But lets change first," Quinn smiled. I nodded. I pulled out my short-sleeve crochet dress.

"Ready," I said turning around. Quinn was wearing blue multi tribal leggings with her rolling stones rainbow muscle tank.

"Same," Quinn said crutching towards the door. When we shut the door I saw Liam walking over to us.

"Ready girls?" Liam asked. I nodded. We then got to the lobby and I saw Niall and Zayn getting into a cab.

"Niall is going with Zayn while he gets a new tattoo," Quinn said as we made our way to Elliot's work. When we walked inside I saw Elliot talking to a girl.

"Elliot!" I said jogging over. I ran behind the counter and hugged him.

"Lili this Yolanda, though you already met," Elliot said smiling. "Also she said yes!" Elliot said smiling big. I hugged him tighter.

"Well good for you," I said smiling.

"Elliot I have to go now, nice meeting you again Lili," Yolanda said kissing Elliot. She walked out and Elliot turned to me.

"And, Im going to be a daddy," Elliot said making me scream.

"Omg, Elliot how many more surprises do you have in you!" I said smiling. He shrugged.

"Guess Im just that lucky," Elliot said winking. "Do you and your friends want to take a ride around town?" Elliot asked. I nodded smiling. Elliot pulled out to keys. "Papa de retour," Elliot said tugging on my hand.

"Elliot your crazy," I said chuckling. Elliot nodded walking over to Liam and Quinn. "Liam this is Elliot, Elliot this is Liam," I said smiling.

"Hello," Elliot said shaking Liam's hand. Liam smiled. Elliot then handed him a key. "We are going to drive these lovely lady's around town on mopeds," Elliot said walking outside. Liam and Elliot hopped on the mopeds. Liam helped Quinn on the back of his and I got on the back of Elliots.

"You better not try to kill me," I said as we took off. I held on as we drove around town. We then got to a red light. I turned my head resting it on Elliot's back. The window of the taxi then rolled down to reveal a Niall and Zayn.

"Lili?" Niall asked hurt. My eyes widened. I was going to speak but Elliot had drove off. Saved... again. We soon got to a little cafe. 

"Quinn?" I said getting off the moped. Quinn turned to me.

"Yeah?" Quinn said.

"I think I decided what Im going to say to Niall," I said looking at my hands. "I can't keep avoiding him," I said looking at her. She nodded understanding.


NOTE~ AGHHH I love you all!!!!! Please go check out our other story Separated at Birth! Much Love to every single one of you talented people!~ Mystery_Horan_Girl
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