Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


15. Little Girl and the Appointment

Lili's POV

I sat in the waiting room listening to music and playing 'Temple Run.' I was on a roll when a little girl walked up to me. I paused the game and she sat next to me. I pulled out one headphone and looked at her. She had blonde hair and honey eyes. She looked like she was 3 years old.

"Uh... May I help you?" I asked sweetly. She smiled then reached for my one headphone I took out. She smiled when the next song came on. I mean, my brother and friends are a famous boyband so why not listen to some of their songs. The little girl looked at me.

"You wike One Darecthun?" she asked sweetly. I smiled and nodded. "I do too. Wouis Tomwinson is my favwit," she smiled. I laughed a bit. "This was their firf song," she told me. We were currently listening to 'What Makes You Beautiful' and she was smiling the whole time. I didn't mind. A lady walked up to me.

"I'm sorry about her. I was talking to the receptionist and she walked away from me," the lady, who I am guessing was the girl's mother. She turned her attention to her daughter. "Leah, say you're sorry."

"It's fine really," I laughed. Leah looked down at the floor.

"Sowy," Leah told me. I looked at her and smiled. She smiled back. I looked at her mother and smiled. I told her it was fine that Leah sat next to me and listened to my music. A nurse walked out and looked around.

"Lili Tomlinson?" the nurse called. I snapped my head up and looked at her. She nodded toward the door. I stood up and all eyes were on me. Leah pulled at the end of my shirt.

"Are you welated to Wouis Tomwinson?" she asked sweetly. I smiled at her and nodded. Her eyes lit up.

"How about this, I will talk to you when I come out. Ok?" I asked her. She nodded happily. He mom gave me a smile and I walked to the nurse who called my name. I followed her to a room. Quinn was sitting on a chair. I looked at her and she was shaking. I gave her a worried look and she shrugged.

"Miss Tomlinson?" the doctor asked. I nodded.

"Lili," I informed him. He nodded and said sorry.

"Alright. Miss Miller here said you two live together?" he asked. I nodded.

"Yes sir. We are visiting my brother and his friends and I dragged her along," I laughed. Quinn smiled and so did the doctor. He was writing something down on his clipboard.

"Ok. If you could, watch her. It fits well but I am not sure how she deal with the new feel," he told me. I looked at Quinn. "I told her all of this but I needed to tell you too. So, just watch out for her," he told me. I nodded. He turned to Quinn. "If it was starting to hurt, feel uncomfortable, or not working come see me immediately. It's a newer version so I want you to come in, in about a week to see how you are doing," Quinn nodded. "Oh! And if you could these first few days, use crutches just to make sure it's comfortable. If you feel it is, start walking on it. But I want you to take it easy. Don't go shopping everyday..." I laughed and Quinn smirked. He continued, "Just try to stay at home and get use to it. Ok?" he asked. Quinn and I nodded. "Ok. Go to the reseptionist and have her put in your next appointments and she will give you your crutches." I gave him a questionable look.

"They are from me," a voice said. Quinn and I looked over at the door to see Will standing there. Quinn smiled at him and he winked at her. She looked down. Will laughed and walked off. I held my hand out to Quinn and helped her up. "Here, let me help," Will said next to me. He picked Quinn up and we all walked to the reseption desk. He set her in the chair, gave her a kiss on the head and left. We got her crutches and got her next appointments. One is in 4 days and then a week after that. I walked out and held the door open for Quinn while she crutched out. Once she was out, I shut the door and I felt a little jerk. I looked down and saw Leah hugging my leg. I smiled down at her and she stood up.

"Hey Leah!" I said to her. She is just the cutest little girl! Quinn crutched over to me. Leah jumped up and hugged Quinn's leg. Quinn stumbled a bit but I caught her. "Quinn, this is Leah. Leah this is my best friend in the whole world, Quinn> We listened to my music while you were getting fitted," I told Quinn. She smiled looking at Leah. Leah was smiling and hugging Quinn's leg when she frowned. She lifted up Quinn's jeans a little. Quinn stepped back a bit. Leah's mom walked up to us. Leah ran to her.

"Mummy? Why is there metal over her leg?" she asked. I looked at Quinn and she just looked down. Leah looked at me then her mom then at Quinn.

"Leah?" a nurse called. Leah looked over and frowned. Leah got out of her mom's arms and ran to me and Quinn and gave us hugs. Then she ran to the nurse. Leah's mom walked up to me and gave me her phone number.

"Leah wanted me to give it to you. She tried to write it herself. She took my phone and tried to write it but you couldn't read it. When I took my phone back, she almost cried and said she wanted you to play with her sometime," she laughed. I did too.

"I would love that! And maybe she can meet the boys?" I asked. Leah's mom nodded and said her goodbyes. She then foloowed the nurse. "Alright, let's go home," I told Quinn. She nodded and stood up. She must have sat down a while ago.

"Lili! Quinn! Wait up!" we heard someone yell. We turned around and Will was putting his jacket on. "Let me give you girls a ride home," he smiled. Quinn blushed a bit. We walked, Quinn crutched, out. Will held the door open for us and we were laughing at a joke he just told us. Once we were outside, Quinn and I stopped laughing and froze. I mentally slapped myself...


There stood my brother and his friends.

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