Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


65. Its You

Lili's POV

 "Lili we need to get Quinn to a hospital ASAP," Zayn said walking towards the door. I nodded and grabbed my shoes.

"Meet us there," I yelled before I shut the door to catch up with Zayn. We got into the elevator and ran outside to the ambulance. The placed Quinn gently on the stretcher while me and Zayn got into the back with her.

"I called as soon as she passed out in my room," Zayn said rubbing my leg. I leaned my head on him breathing deep.

"Im scared," I whispered not very audible. Zayn just hugged me. We soon made I to the hospital and me and Zayn just waited. Well I paced the room. Soon everyone else arrived. Logan running into my arms.

"Mummy what happened?" Logan asked. I didn't want to say Quinn passed out.

"Quinn just needs some help," I said pacing again with Logan in my arms. Logan hugged my tighter as I paced.

"Lili, please just sit down and relax," Louis asked. I stopped pacing.

"Lou, Quinn and I have been best friends since pre-K, and has been there for me since you left me, how would you feel?" I asked setting down Logan. Louis sat there quiet. I sighed and began to pace again.

"Lili," Niall said walking up to me with Logan in his arms. "Quinn is going to be fine," Niall said resting his head on mine.

"I know, Im just worried," I said looking down. Niall kissed my cheek and took my hand leading me to the chairs.

"Excuse me, is this the party for Miss Quinn?" The doctor asked. I nodded standing up. "Quinn is doing fine, just had an asthma attack, which is uncommon, but she is fine."

"Oh thank the lord," I said sitting back down.

"I will finish the check up and a nurse will bring her out to you folks," He said before walking  off behind the two white doors. I sighed leaning my head on Niall's shoulder.

"See everything is fine," Niall whispered squeezing my leg. I pecked his cheek.

"Niall you know your a cheeky fella," I laughed. He just smiled. We turned to see Quinn walking out of the white doors.

"Look, new prosthetic leg," Quinn said showing it off. "They asked if I needed one and I was like please so tada." I ran up to Quinn and hugged her.

You're okay," I whispered. Quinn just laughed.

"Im perfectly fine, didn't even know I had asthma," Quinn chuckled. 

"Auntie Quinn!" Logan said running over. Quinn swooped him up.

"Alright, lets get out of here," Quinn said walking towards the door. "Im done with this place." Quinn snapped her fingers before exciting.

"I wonder if the doctor put her on a drug?" Niall asked laughing. I smiled taking his hand in mine.

"I have an idea," I whispered. Niall looked at me confused. "Me and Niall will be home soon, we are going to the park," I told everyone tugging on Niall's arm. I stopped and watched as everyone drove off.

"What's your idea?" Niall asked me. I smiled at him.

"Well we are all together, why not do something new, like I have always wanted to set loose paper lanterns," I suggested as we walked down the sidewalk.

"Well then lets do it," Niall said pulling me closer. "Sounds like something fun, and I think they look pretty cool." I got on my tiptoes and kissed his cheek.

"You know now I see why people call you sweet as a cupcake," I said winking. Niall just spun ,e around.

"Alright, lets go get the supplies and start getting set up," Niall said hailing a cab.

"Niall is it all set up?" I asked pulling out my phone. He nodded. I couldn't get a good reception so I walked closer towards the street. I was about to call Lou, but I was pushed to the ground.  "The hell," I said reaching for my phone.

"Im so so sorry, are you okay?" I know that accent. I stood up hugging him.

"Amadour,"I chuckled. "Why did you run into me?" I asked laughing. He smiled.

"Lili, nice to see you again, well you see me and my buddy were trying American football.. we aren't that good," He chuckled rubbing the back of his neck.

"That's alright, I thought I was getting attacked again," I said rubbing my back.

"Nope just clumsy old me," Amadour laughed. I smiled. I then finished my text and slipped my phone in my pocket. "So what are you out here all alone for?"

"Im with my boyfriend, and well my brother and our friends are coming, we are releasing paper lanterns into the night, then just going to listen to the radio while under the stars." I said smiling.

"Sounds like a fun night, Im going out for a beer with my mates, but you know we should catch up sometime," Amadour said hugging me. He then ran off. I smiled. I turned around to see Niall with a sad face.

"Lili," He mumbled. I sighed.

"Niall. That was Amadour, he saved me, from technically getting rapped," I said walking closer. "Just friends, nothing more, I swear on my little boys life." Niall wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Well as long as your mine," Niall said pecking my lips. I smiled.

"Niall you need to have just a little more faith in me, Im loyal, and honestly I would never cheat on a person as amazing as you," I said poking his chest. Niall took my hand and kissed it.

"I promise," He said looking into my eyes.

"YOOOO party people!" Louis yelled running over. "whats the big surprise?" Lou asked hugging me. I laughed.

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