Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


67. Happily

Lili's POV

 I watched as Liam walked a bit away. So I decided to trot over and see what was wrong. "Hey Liam, whats wrong?"

"Nothing," He said nervously.

"You sure?" I asked. He nodded slidding his phone in his back pocket. "Alright, then lets go pack up and head home." I said smiling. I could tell something was off, but I let it slide. We ran to the others who had already finished up cleaning.

"Well there goes a perfect end to a perfect night," Niall said wrapping his arms around my waist. "We are going to go to Lili's jeep and meet you back at the hotel." Me and Niall picked up the blankets and other things and walked to my jeep. Once we got everything in me and Niall got into the jeep.

"Well that was perfect," I said putting the keys in the ignition. Niall nodded.

"Best part, we have a month break, and I wanted to take you to Ireland to meet the family," Niall said squeezing my hand. I squealed.

"OMG, Niall thats perf," I said hugging him. Niall chuckled. "Well we better get going."

~~~~ Next Day ~~~~

"LILI!" Niall yelled from the living room. I walked in with my bags.

"Im ready Im ready," I said setting my stuff down. "Where is Lou?" I asked.

"They are still sleeping, we have a longer trip so we have to get a head start," Niall said kissing my cheek. I nodded.

"Im going to go say goodbye," I whispered walking to his room. I opened the door to see them sound alseep. It was Liam and Lou. I walked over to Louis' bed and sat own slowly.

"MMMMM," Louis mumbled rolling over to face me.

"Louis, Im leaving with Niall. I will see you half way through the month," I whispered. Lou brought me in for a hug.

"Love you, safe travel's little sis," Louis mumbled. He released me and rolled back over. I chuckled. Now time to wake up my little munchkin. I walked back into my room and scooped up Logan.

"Mommy," Logan mumbled rubbing his eyes.

"Sorry baby, we have to get going," I said kissing his cheek. I walked over to Niall and nodded. Niall had gotten us a luggage cart. We soon got downstairs in the mean time.

"So is there anything I need to know about your family?" I asked. Niall thought for a moment.

"Not that I know of," Niall said kissing my cheek. I smiled as he loaded the limo with our bags. We piled into the back. I let Logan lay across me and Niall so he could sleep.

"So is there anything I need to know about your family?" Niall asked smirking. I shrugged.

"Im sure Louis has talked about multiple family stories," I said watching as we approached the airport. "Trust me Im not that interesting anyways." I scooped up Logan and took my carry on.

"Well you seem interesting to me," Niall said as he helped security with our bags. I shrugged and continued on behind Niall. It funny how he actually likes a girl like me.

~~~~ Skipping plane ride! Sowwy~~~~~~

"Are you sure this is even safe," I chuckled watching Niall lug our bags to the taxi. Niall placed everything down grunting. He turned to me.

"Perfectly safe," Niall smiled placing everything in the trunk. We got in and I listened as Niall explained Football to Logan. Its weird how this little boy is mine. And soon he will be all grown up.

"Mommy?" Logan asked. I shook my head.

"Yes sweety?" I asked as Logan looked at me with hope.

"Can Uncle Niall teach me how to play football when we get to his house?" Logan asked. I nodded smiling. "Did you hear that Uncle Ni!" Logan said cheerfully.

"Hey Lili we are here," Niall said smiling. I smiled as the taxi came to a halt. I got out settling Logan on my hip. I watched as Niall got all the bags out.

"Im going to help," I said setting Logan on his feet.

"No need," I male voice spoke. I turned to see a man a little older then Niall appear. "Great seeing you old chap." He said hugging Niall.

"Lili, this is Greg, my brother," Niall introduced Greg. He gave me a hug smiling.

"Nice meeting you," Greg said walking back over to Niall. He grabbed a few bags and I trailed behind as we walked inside.

"Aw Niall!" I watched as Niall's Mum hugged him. I watched as she walked over to me. She hugged me tightly. "Its lovely meeting you Lili, Niall has told me so much about you." I blushed a bit, and I know Niall did also.

"I hope good things," I chuckled.

"That's all I ever here," Maura said. "And who is this?" she asked pointing to Logan.

"My son," I whispered. Maura was gob smacked. I picked Logan up. "Didn't Niall tell you?" I asked.

"Mum its not my son, Its Lili's ex's son," Niall explained. Maura looked disappointed.

"Uh Where is Niall's room?" I asked.

"I will show you," Greg smiled. I grabbed my suit case and greg grabbed the other. He let me in Niall's room. "Hope you are comfortable here," Greg said before leaving. Once he left I sat down and began to cry.

"Mummy, why are you crying?" Logan asked. I whipped my tears.

"No reason," I said pulling out my phone. I quickly video chatted Louis. He answered.

Louis: Hey Lili whats up?

Lili: Just need my brother to talk to

Louis: Why, what did Niall do this time

Lili: Its not what he did, its what he didn't do

Louis: Im confused

Lil: Maura is disappointed in Niall choosing a girl with a child. Niall never told her Logan was my son.

Louis: Oh, that's kinda big

Lili: I know, and I don't want to get off on the wrong foot with her

Louis: Just relax, okay, go talk it out with Niall, everything will be fine, promise.

Lili: Okay, love you brother

Louis: Love you to

I turned back to Logan. "Alright baby, lets go face, well, my fear," I said picking him up. I took a deep breath before opening a door to come face to face with Niall Horan.



NOTE: Happy 1D Day!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you all enjoyed it, cause I sure did! What an amazing Saturday. Also Sorry I haven't typed forever. Love you all!!!!!! ~ Mystery_Horan_Girl


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