Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


63. Hallelujah

Lili's POV

 As we drove home I was running everything through my mind. "You alright?" Quinn asked. I nodded. "What are you thinking?"

"I was just wondering if you could keep this whole thing under wraps. I still want Lou to trust me," I sighed.

"I understand," Liam said as we pulled up. "I just don't know how long you can keep it a secret," Liam said once we got into the elevator.

"Trust me Im good a this keeping a secret thing," I said as we entered the hotel room. I saw that Niall and Logan had fallen asleep watching TV. I smiled and took a picture.

"They look so cute together," Quinn smiled. I nodded.

"I just wish Logan was Niall's kid and not that duce bag," I sighed. Quinn just rubbed my arm and left me with the two sleeping beauty's. I sighed and set my phone down and wrote a quick note. Everyone seemed to be doing something so Im gonna get some peace time.


"Uncle NiNi," Logan whispered. I rubbed my eyes. "Mummy left you a note," Logan said tugging on my arm. I sat up and looked around. Logan handed me the note.

 ~Went to get some peace and quiet near the hotel- Lili

 I stood up and stretched. "Come on Logan, lets go find Mummy," I said helping Logan put on his shoes.

"Is Mummy hiding?" Logan asked. I thought for amount.

"Sorta," I said as we got into the elevator. We walked out side and made our way towards the lake. I saw a figure laying on the grass with her body propped on her elbows. I smiled and bent down to Logan's height. "Go surprise Mummy," I whispered.  Logan nodded and trotted over to Lili. He ran straight to her and hugged her.

"How did you get here pumpkin?" Lili asked kissing his cheek. Logan pointed over to me. Lili looked over her shoulder at me. I walked over and sat on the grass next to her. "How did you know?" Lili asked.

"I had my hunches," I winked. Lili smiled and kissed my cheek. "So how are  you feeling?" I asked. She shrugged.

"I could be better, well and Im hungry," Lili said laughing. I stood up and offered my hand. I helped her up and grabbed Logan's hand. Lili took his other hand and we began to walk.

"I wish I could stop time and freeze this moment," I said out loud.

"That would be amazing," Lili sighed. As we got closer to the hotel I saw Paparazzi had arrived. I mumbled to myself. I picked up Logan and brought Lili closer to me. We then began to speed walk through them.

"OW" I heard Lili yelp. I looked down and she looked like she was in a lot of pain. I hurried her inside the elevator and shut the doors.

"Lili are you okay?" I asked as I sat Logan down. She bit her lip. When we got to our floor we hurried inside to find Liam watching Tv.

"Liam, you need to check my back," Lili said walking over to him. Liam stood up and let Lili lay down on her stomach.

"Niall can you get me ice?" Liam asked me. I grabbed some ice and walked over to Liam and Lili. Liam lifted her shirt to reveal her back wrapped. I handed him the ice and he lightly layed it on her.

"What happened?" I asked. Liam turned to me.

"Lili got hurt, but you can't tell Lou," Liam said in a stern voice. I nodded and crouched down so I could see Lili's face.

"Are you okay?" I asked caressing her face. She nodded. I kissed her forehead and stood up. "I will watch Logan."

"Where is Logan?" Lili asked. I looked around. "Niall..."

"Um hold on a sec," I said trotting off. I checked every room until I got to Lou's. Logan was chilling with Louis. I gave a sigh of relief.

"What's wrong Niall," Lou said with a smirk.

"very funny,  thought Logan went missing," I grumbled.

"Nope, he thinks Im cooler," Lou said sticking his tongue out. I shook my head. I was about to speak, but I heard a crash. Louis jumped up and we both ran to the living room. But the sight was horrid.

"Niall we can explain," Liam said. I shook my head. Lili was on top of Liam. Liam helped Lili up.

"Niall, its not what you think. I slipped because the ice in the bag spilt everywhere, I almost slammed into the table if Liam hadn't caught me," Lili explained. I blew out a breath of frustration. I just walked away.

"NiNi?" Logan asked looking up to me. I bit my lip and kept walking to my room.


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