Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


9. Getting Ready and Texts

Lili's POV

I just stared at Niall as he smirked. I gave him wide eyes and I couldn't help but smile. He started to bust out laughing. I couldn't help but laugh as well thinking of the face I just made. We were both laughing so hard, that we ended up on the ground clutching our sides. We soon stopped laughing, with tears in our eyes.

"So how did you know?" I questioned Niall. He just looked at me then smirked.

"I just did," he smiled then left the kitchen. I stood there confused. I looked around just thinking. I decided instead of standing here like an idiot, I will go check on Quinn. I walked in and she was searching through her bag.

"What you up to?" I asked laughing at her. She just looked at me and smiled, then went to searching again. I walked over to her bed and sat down. I noticed she was looking for an outfit. I walked over to the bag of clothes I just bought her and pulled out the navy poka-dot hi-lo dress. She turned to look at me then smiled.

"Uh one problem..." she mumbled. I held up my hand. I threw her the dress and went to my suitcase. I pulled out of white leggings and threw them at her. "Never mind," she said walking to the attached bathroom. Why is she getting ready? Is her date with Will tonight? I am still not sure why she is going out with Will when she likes Liam, it's obvious.

I sat on the bed waiting for Quinn to come out so I can do her hair and make-up. Her request. I got bored. I was about to pull out my phone when Niall walked in. I was a bit shocked seeing that he just waltzed in. 

"Hey Niall!" I yelled so Quinn can hear. Niall just looked at me funny. Quinn walked out of the bathroom all dressed. Time for hair and make-up. I started with make-up. Light foundation with white eye shadow and eyeliner and mascara. She is not much of a make-up fan but she is insecure. I am too but not as much. Once I was done with her make-up, I fixed her hair a little bit. But I mostly let it loose. Her hair is cute the way it is so why mess with it?

"I don't know if I can go through with this..." Quinn mumbled. I playfully punched her arm.

"You'll be fine. Just talk to him," I told her. She sighed. Niall leaned closer to me.

"I thought she liked Liam?" he whispered. I just looked at him. "It's obvious," he whispered again. He an I think a like. I just looked at him and nodded.

"Need a ride?" I asked her. She shook her head and walked out of the room. She was almost to the door when I yelled, "HAVE FUN ON YOUR DATE!" Quinn looked back at me and smiled. Niall tapped my arm and pointed toward Liam, who had a shocked look on his face. I smiled a bit.

"So..." Niall said filling in the quietness. "Who wants to play a game or something?" Everyone exchanged looks. I notice Louis and Eleanor exchange some glances, whisper some things, then kiss. I just looked at them. Louis got up first and walked to a room. We all just stared in his direction. We all just kept watching the enterence of the room he entered, like it was going to disappear or something.

"What are you guys staring at?" I heard someone say behind me. I screamed and jumped when I noticed Louis was the one who spoke in my ear, scaring the living daylights out of me. He laughed and so did Harry. I just gave him a look and he winked at me. I didn't do anything and neither did he. Things got pretty awkward pretty fast.

"Louis?" Zayn asked. Louis looked in his direction. "How did you get there when you went into that room?" Zayn asked.

"We were all watching you," Harry told him. Louis only laughed at that.

"I know. It's hard not to watch me," Louis said while doing a pose then doing a summer-sault then jumped onto the couch. We were all watching him. "See! It's hard not to watch me," he told us then flipped over the back at the couch. My jaw dropped. I was too busy watching Louis mess around that I didn't notice Harry walk up to me.

"You might want to shut your mouth," he started then pushed my mouth shut. "You'll catch flies," he winked. I just stared at him. "Take a picture, it will last longer," he smirked. My eyes went wide at that. Such a flirt... I looked aover at Niall and he didn't look too happy. I grabbed his hand and lead him over to the couch. We all just sat and talked. Got to know each other a bit better.

We were just lost in talking that I barely heard my phone go off. I looked at it and I had a text. I opened it and was confused.

"Who texted?" Niall asked jokingly.

"Will..." I mumbled. Niall gave me a confused look.

"Isn't he on a date with Quinn?" he asked. I nodded. I opened the text.


From Will: You want to go out sometime?


I looked at Niall. He looked at the text. He gave me a puzzling look. I decided to send him a quick text back.


To Will: Rn't u on a date w/ Quinn?


From Will: Who?


That's never good. Wait, then who asked out Quinn? Who has she been talking to this whole time? I mean, there is only one Will in our grade.



NOTE: Sorry for the late update... And sorry if this chapter isn't good. I am tired and can't think. Plus I ran out of ideass so maybe Chloe can continue off of this. Maybe Will will get his butt beat by Lili. Who knows? Oh wait, Chloe does.

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