Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


72. Excited

Lili's POV

"It's beautiful," Niall smiled. I gave him a smile back. But I was sad that I wasn't able to give it to him the right way.

"I hoped you would like it," I smiled. I really did. I thought long and hard on that. And it was worth it. "Now... Who was the girl I saw?" I asked.

"That was my cousin Sammy," he informed me. I just looked down at the ground, avoiding eye contact with Niall.

"I should probably apologize..." I mumbled. I kind of felt bad. I jumped to conclusions and thought the worst.

"No you don't. It's ok. Now come on... Let's go out for dinner," he smiled as he reached for my hand and led me out of the house and to his car.




"I can't wait to see you. Logan is literally jumping off the walls. He can't wait to see you and Niall and the others," my brother rambled on. He paused for a second. "I mean when he saw Quinn, he nearly tackled her," Louis laughed. I laughed as well.

"Well, I will speak to him in a sec. Tell mom I said bye and love you again and can't wait to see her again!" I told Louis. I heard him grow silent and then some footsteps and muffled voices, probably telling her now.

"She said bye, love you, and same. Oh and have fun!" Louis yelled. I laughed. He was then silent for a bit.

"Hi mummy!" I heard a little voice yell. I smiled.

"Hi Logan! Look mummy will see you soon. Aunt Quinn and Uncle Louis will be with you. I will see you in a few hours. Ok?" I told him. I heard him mumble a yes then the line was silent again.

"Hey Lils. Mum wanted to say goodbye to him. Plus we have to leave soon. See you soon!" Louis said before hanging up. I slipped the phone back into my pocket then turned to Niall.

"Ready to go?" he asked. I nodded and he gave me one back. He then started the car and we were off to the airport.




We landed and were now exiting the plane. We had our luggage and were leaving the airport. We avoided the paparazzi and, even though we didn't want to, the fans. Niall and I were eager to get home and may I say, really tired as well. Niall said he would go on Twitter and post an apology and an explanation as to why we didn't stop. Niall had also called someone to come pick us up and take us to the hotel. Once we got in the car, Niall immediately went on Twitter and did what he said he was going to do. I smiled at him as he did so. He really cared about the fans.

"You excited?" Niall asked me while breaking the silence. I just looked at him. "I mean to see everyone again?"

"Of course! But it's going to feel weird cause I will know that you and the other lads will have to go work again," I said a bit said but laughed a bit when I said the word "work." Niall simply nodded. The rest of the car ride was filled with a comfortable silence. Once we arrived at the hotel, Niall and I got our bags and hurried inside. We then hurried up to our room. Niall pulled out a room key and unlocked the door.

"Hey lovebirds," we heard someone call after us. We both looked over into the kitchen area to see Harry. AND HE WAS COOKING FOOD!

"Harry..." Niall started. "Have I ever told you how much I love you?" he asked and fake cried. Harry just laughed and so did I.

"Many times," he laughed as he handed us each a plate with a sandwich on it. "Now Zayn is suppose to get in this late afternoon, early evening. Louis, Quinn, and Logan should be him within an hour or two. And Liam isn't getting on till this night," Harry informed us. Niall and I simply nodded as we enjoyed our sandwiches.

"MUMMY!" I heard a little voice yell. I set down my sandwich and ran to the front door to see Louis, Quinn, and Logan. I smiled as Logan ran right to me and embraced me in a hug. I immediately hugged back.

"Jeez... You guys have only been separated for less than a week," Louis joked. I went to give him a hug. He threw me on his shoulder and went to the kitchen. I was laughing the whole time. This has become a regular thing now.

"Uncle Louis!" Logan whined. "Put mummy down!" he pouted. I could help but laugh harder as Logan ran up to us and tried to get him to put me down.

"Yeah Uncle Louis. Put mummy down," I heard a Bradford accent call out. I looked up as best as I could to see Zayn standing in the doorway of the hotel room door. He was smiling at all of us. Logan quickly ran to Zayn and gave him a hug then ran back to Louis and I. Louis quickly set me down on the couch as Logan ran at him. He and Louis started running around the hotel room. I looked around and noticed Quinn wasn't in the room. I walked over to the room we were sharing and peaked in. I saw Quinn sitting on her bed on her laptop.

"Vas happenin'?!" I screamed which caused her to jump in fear. I gave her a smile. She ignored it and went back to her laptop. Something isn't right. "What's wrong?"

"It's just... Liam hasn't made any contact with me the whole time we have been gone. I asked Louis if he could text Liam, which he did, and Liam responded to him. I texted back immediately and he didn't reply. Plus, I was checking to see when his flight comes in and I found out that he could have had an earlier flight. AND he has been acting weird lately," she said not taking her eyes off the laptop. "What do you think is wrong?" she asked frantic. I knew what she was thinking...

"Look, he would never do that to you. The same thing happened to me with Niall. He didn't contact me for 2 weeks. He was just hanging out with the family. Don't think too much into it. I'm sure it's nothing," I assured her. She looked at me and gave me a slight smile. I knew she was thinking about Will.

"LILI! YOUR PHONE IS GOING OFF! IT'S ELLIOT!" I heard someone yell. Not sure who. I looked at Quinn and motioned her to come out and hang. She got up and followed me out to the living area. Louis threw me my phone, without warning, almost causing me to miss it. I answered the ringing phone.

"Hey Elliot!'" I said. He replied back with a quick hi. It sounded like he wanted to get to the point.

"We haven't talked in a while. I wanted to let you know that the wedding will be in 3 days. And Yolanda wanted me to tell you that your bridesmaids dresses will already be there for you and Quinn to change in..." he told me. Shit! I completely forgot that Quinn and I were bridesmaids. "And I'm sorry this is late notice, but I was wondering if Liam and Niall would like to be my groomsmen? I know them the most... I already have a best man and Yolanda has a maid of honor already. And all the other lads are invited of course... Plus, we wanted to know if Logan would like the be the ring bearer? Yolanda and I don't have any younger male family members and the first person we thought of was Logan... So what do you say? Liam and Niall as groomsmen and Logan as the ring bearer?"





Author's Note

Hello readers!

I am sorry this chapter sucks. It is nearly 1 in the morning and I didn't really have any ideas. This story is drawing to a close soon.

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