Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


14. Change Her Mind

Lili's POV

  I sat there and finally said, "Im going on a date, a double date, with Quinn and Will," I said looking at Lou. But from the corner of my eye I could see Niall getting jealous. "Really?" Lou said crossing his arms. I got really angry and threw the washcloth at him. "You know Im not always going to be the sister you abandoned to be alone forever," I yelled walking away. I walked up the stairs wiping tears away furiously. I walked into my room slamming my door. "Fucking prick," I screamed. I walked to my suit case and folded my clothes. "I never should have came," I said going through the clothes till I crossed Zayn's sweat shirt.


   I sighed and pulled it over my head. It smelled like Zayn to. I turned the tv on and walked to my bed. I sat on it and grabbed a pillow, pulling my knees up to my chest were the pillow was. I sighed and flipped through the channels till I found a movie called The Proposal. I switched the lights off and went back to my previous position. I sat there watching it till my door slowly creaked open. I was hoping to see Niall, but it was Zayn. I turned my head his way and he slowly made his way to me. He sat next me and stared at me. "Wanna talk about it?" Zayn asked. "Well, Lou just left us when we were younger and now that he's back, its just..." I tried putting it in words, but I couldn't.


   "I know, he isn't use to it either, but you should of hear how excited he was when he found out you were coming with us," Zayn said chuckling. I just smiled and sighed. "Sometimes I wonder if he really cared back then," I said looking at the tv screen. "Trust me, he has changed for the better," Zayn said hugging me. I stretched my legs and arms out yawning. "Hey, is that my sweatshirt?" Zayn asked. I looked down and smiled, "Noooo," I said hugging myself. He just smirked and began tickling me. "Give it and I will stop," Zayn said making me laugh loudly. "Stop!" I said laughing. Right then the lights turned on and Zayn stopped. We looked and saw Lou standing there pissed.


  But I could understand. I mean Zayn was literally straddling me, so ya. "Lou, Mate I was just tickling her," Zayn said getting up with his hands up. Louis just shook his head and pointed to the door. Zayn put his head down and walked out. I just hugged the sweatshirt and Lou sat next to me. "Why?" he asked. "Why did you leave us?" I asked looking at him. Louis looked stunned. "I needed you, and you weren't there," I said beginning to cry. Louis' face expression turned to guilt. "All this time, and mum thought you just wanted to go, and I thought, I thought you hated me," I said now crying and hiccupping.


  "Lili," Lou whispered. I just shook my head. "Lou you don't understand, all my life I thought my only brother hated me, wanting nothing to do with me, through all the times I was bullied, YOU WEREN'T THERE!" I finally broke down. Lou held me tight as cried into his chest, all that has been built up these years. "Lili, Im so sorry, you know Im here now, and nothing will hurt you," Lou said into my hair. I just couldn't stop crying. "Go change into pajamas," Lou said helping me up. I walked to my suit case and pulled out sweats. I walked to the bathroom and changed, making sure to put the sweatshirt back on.


   I walked out and Lou was in sweats lying in my bed. I smiled and cuddled in with him. "I promise from here I will be a better brother, starting from here and forever," Louis whispered. I closed my eyes and yawned. "And I will never let you down," I heard Lou say before I finally fell asleep. ~Morning~ I woke up to the sound of a click. A camera click. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. I looked around and say Harry smirking. "Aw look at brother and sister," Harry said laughing. "What ever," I sad throwing a pillow at him. "Go before I attack you," I said sitting up. "Well then," Harry said walking out. I walked over to Quinn and woke her up. "Get ready dude," I said smiling. "Kay," Quinn said rubbing her eyes.


  I took a quick shower and got dressed in a floral tube dress. I put my hair in a high pony tail and walked out. Quinn had dressed in a solid lace raglan long sleeve shirt with moonlight blue jeans. "Nice," I said giving her a thumbs up. We went downstairs and got a quick bite to eat. "You ready?" I asked. "Yeah, I guess," Quinn shrugged. I just shook my head laughing. I got up and grabbed my phone and wallet and met Quinn by the door. I then jogged to the kitchen and wrote the lads a note. We then left calling a taxi. I gave him the address and as we were driving, I could feel Quinn shaking. I just kept quiet till we got there. I paid the taxi driver and walked in with Quinn.


   "Patients name?" the lady asked. "Quinn Miller," Quinn said taping her fingers on the desk. She quickly typed it in and told us we could take a seat. As we sat there I turned to Quinn. "Your going to be fine," I said squeezing her hand. "Quinn Miller," I heard a doctor say. "I will be right here," I said. Quinn smiled and walked to the doctor. Once they were past the door I pulled my headphones out and put it in my IPhone and listened to music. I sighed and pulled up my favorite app.... Temple Run.


Louis' POV

  When I awoke I felt nothing next to me. I shot my eyes open and looked around. No Lili or Quinn. I hopped up from the bed and quickly made my way downstairs. "Lads where are the girls?" I asked quickly. "Here," Liam said handing me a note. I read it out loud.


 Dear Lads,

      Me and Quinn called our dates up and decided on a Brunch date. Sounds weird. We should be back around 3. Trust me we will be fine, then we will come home and do what you want. Love you all!

   Love, Lili ;)

  I smiled and walked into the kitchen. "You know its crazy, Lili thought I hated her," I said sitting at the island with Niall and Liam. "She thought once I left that I hated her, and that she wished I was there," I said beginning to play with the orange in my hand. "She really needed me and I wasn't there," I whispered. 'But Lou you came back," Liam said trying to cheer me up. "But I wasn't there from the start," I said looking at him. "I don't know what she likes, what she dislikes, hell I don't even know if she is allergic to anything," I said slamming my hands on the table. "Im fucking pathetic," I said balling my hands up into fists.


  "Lou, mate don't beat your self up, forget the past, its what's happening now," Niall said patting my fist. I sighed. "I guess your right," I said beginning to peel my orange. "I just hope that she changes her mind, I do love her, she just doesn't know the reason I left," I said throwing orange peels. "I actually want to know Lou. Why did you leave?" Liam asked. "Its a long story," I said leaning back. "We got time," Niall said. I just smiled and began telling them the story.

~flash back~

(Still Louis' POV)

  I sat there in my room texting my best mate John. "Lou could you come do the dishes?" My mum yelled. I grunted and put my phone in my pocket. I walked downstairs and saw mum coloring with Lili. Little runt took my mum away from me. I walked into the kitchen and quickly washed the dishes. I walked in the living room and crossed my arms. "Im going for a walk," I said plainly. Mum turned to me and smiled. "Don't be to long." I nodded and trotted up stairs. I then packed a duffle bag full of things I would need.


 I slung it on my shoulder and tip toed downstairs. I waited for a second and listened to mum's and Lili's conversation. "Mummy does Louis love me?" Lili asked. "With all his heart, just as I do," Mum said as they colored. "Will he always be there to protect me like a prince?" Lili asked looking at mum. "Well, sweety I know for sure that he will be there for you, its what big brothers do," Mum said hugging her. I rolled my eyes walking out the door. I hopped on my bike and began to ride away. Am I doing this. Yes. All mum tells is lies. All of them. All she does is care about Lili, not me.


  I rode all the way to John's house and knocked on the door. John answered it smiling. "sup," John said. "Mind if I crash here or a while," I asked. John nodded and led me inside explaining it to his mum. He hugged his mum. But John was like me. He had a little sister to. When we got up stairs I asked John a question, "Why aren't you mad that your sister is getting more attention?" I asked. "Because she is little, when  was little it was the same way," John said shrugging. I never though about it that way, but its to late now.


~End of Flash Back~


 "Man Lou that's deep," Niall said. "Yeah, all the things my mum said, were true, but I couldn't make them true," I said sighing. "You can change it though," Liam said patting my back.

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