Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


16. Brothers

Lili's POV

  I stood there and we all had shocked faces. "Quinn... Lili," Lou whispered. I waved slightly. "Hey," I whispered. "Quinn what happened?" Liam asked worried. "I sprained my ankle," Quinn covered quickly then looked at Will as if wanting him to get her out of there quickly. "And I came to pick her up, cause I invited her to my house," Will said smiling. Niall just stood there booring his eyes into my head. "So what are you guys doing out?" I asked trying to start up conversation. "Walking to a radio interview," Zayn said sweetly. I nodded. "Well, I guess Im heading home," I said hugging Quinn before her and Will drove off.


   As I started to walk someone lifted me up. I looked and saw Niall carrying me over to the other lads. "Niall put me down," I said agitated. "Well, if you go to the hotel, you will be all alone," Niall said a bit upset. Why was he upset? I just crossed my arms as we caught with the other lads. "Do you want to tell me the real reason why you were at the hospital?" Niall whispered. I just shook my head, I couldn't do that to Quinn. We finally made it to the radio station, which was an interview outside. Niall had set me down, but put his arm around my shoulders so I couldn't go anywhere. Which was so stupid. My dumb brother doesn't even trust me.


  As we walked in the girl interviewing the lads looked to be about my age. "Welcome lads," she said cheerfully as the sat around the tall table. "So I heard you guys are starting up another tour?" She said smiling. "Yes Katie, and we brought along two guests," Louis said happily. "Ah, is that girl Niall's girlfriend?" she asked curiously. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks, and I bet Niall felt the same way. "No, no, no that's my little sister, and her friend Quinn is on a date," Louis explained chuckling. She nodded, "Sorry about that, why doesn't she join us?" Katie asked. Louis waved me over and I joined them.


  "Hi, my name is Lili," I said into the mic. "Nice to meet you, now why don't we start off by saying, what are these boys like behind the cameras?" Katie asked. "Crazy, wild, funny. messy," I said chuckling. "Sounds like typical boys," Katie said giving me a high five. "Hey not all boys are like that," Louis said poking me. "Lou, your the worst," I said laughing at him. He just crossed his arms with a smirk. "So what is your next stop on the tour?" Katie asked getting back to fan questions. "Germany," Harry smiled. "Ah now do you like Germany?" she asked. "Sure do, but I prefer Japan," Niall said nodding. "Pretty cool place," he finished. "Well, sounds like a lot of fun, Lili must be the luckiest girl," Katie chuckled.


  After the interview I texted Quinn asking where she was. I was falling behind the other lads texting Quinn. I finally just stopped so I could text. Once I looked up someone had shoulder checked me making me fall. "Ouch," I said just sitting there. "Oh my god, Im so sorry," the dirty blonde boy said. He helped me up asking, "Are you okay?" I nodded. "I think I bruised my tail bone," I said making him laugh. "Well, my name is Vincent, but you can call me Vinny," He said with a cheeky smile. "Lili," I said shaking his hand. He dug through his drawstring bag and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. "Here," he said handing me the paper he wrote on, "Let me make it up to you," he said then walked away.


  I smiled and held the paper tight. "Lili?" I heard someone ask. I turned around to see Lou walking my way. "Yeah?" I asked. "You alright?" Louis said pulling me to the rest of the lads. "Yeah just ran into someone," I said as we caught up with the rest of the group. "Alright just be careful next time," Lou said worried. "I know I know," I said walking in the back with Niall and Liam. My phone then began to ring. I look and saw it was Quinn. I answered it and she seemed happy. "Yes?" I asked. "Want to go out with me and Will, like everyone, even the lads," Quinn asked. "Sure, let me ask the lads," I said and turned to the lads. "Want to go out to dinner with Quinn and Will?" I asked. "Im up for it," Niall said first.


  The other lads nodded and I went back to answer Quinn. "Sure, where at?" I asked. "TGIF?" Quinn asked. "Yeah, I haven't been there for ever!" I said excitedly. "Alright see ya then," Quinn said then hung up. "We are going to TGIF," I said smiling. "Sounds good," Zayn said as he held the door open to the hotel for me. "I think I will invite Vinny," I said to Lou. "Who?" Lou asked. "The guy I ran into, he is really sweet," I explained. "Oh," Louis said worried. "Don't worry you can meet him and can approve or disapprove," I said poking his bicep. Louis just smiled and opened the door to our room. I quickly trotted to my room to get ready.


  As I looked through my wardrobe I texted Vinny asking if he wanted to go. I then looked through my dresses and found the one. I picked out a Belted Denim Floral Tiered Dress. I smiled and walked into my bathroom and checked my make up and let my curls lightly fall to my shoulders. I put a tiny bow in my hair. I smiled and walked back into my room to look for my favorite pair of TOMS. "Perfect," I whispered slipping my denim patterned TOMS. I picked my phone up and saw Vinny texted me. Vinny: Sure text me when your on your way and I will meet you there ;) I smiled and walked down stairs. "Hey Lili, you look gorgeous, " Zayn said smiling.


 "Thanks Zaynie, where are the others?" I asked looking around. "In there rooms, they told me to get them when your ready, so I will be back," Zayn said walking to get the other lads. I sat down and texted Vinny back, I wonder where he lives. I stood up to the sound of the lads walking to the living room. "ready?" I asked putting my hands on my hips. "When you are," Louis said mimicking my movements. I just laughed and walked out of the room. I let the other lads go a head of me so I could walk with Niall. "Hey," I said softly. " Hey Lili," Niall said smiling. "I have a question," Niall said walking next to me. "And that is?" I asked.


   "Are you and Vinny like together?" Niall asked. I just looked at him and smiled. "No, just friends, but we are closer friends," I said poking his bicep. Niall said and grabbed my hands. "That's always good, and by the way, you look so beautiful," Niall said making me turn away. I couldn't let him see I was blushing. "Thanks," I said as we made our way outside. Liam had called a taxi and we all got in, but I had to sit on Niall's lap, not everyone could fit. Once we arrived I noticed Quinn and Will leaning against Will's car. Once the taxi parked I quickly got out and jogged over.


  "Hey," I said giving Quinn a hug. "Hey Lili," Will said hugging me. "So you ready to go in?" Will asked. "Well Im waiting for my guy friend Vinny," I said smiling. "Ah Lili has a crush," Quinn joked. I just stuck my tongue out and laughed with her. "Lili!" I heard a familiar voice. I turned around to see Vinny jogging our way. He engulfed me in a hug when he made it over to us. "Missed me that much?" I asked laughing. "Quinn and Will this is..." I started. "Vincent?" Will asked. "William?" Vinny asked. "You guys know each other?" I asked. "Sorta," Will said still staring at Vinny. "Me and Will... well... were brothers," Vinny said rubbing the back of his head.

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