Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


20. A Spell

Lili's POV

  I walked over to Quinn and put my arm around her hugging her. "What do we do?" Quinn whispers. I sigh. "Its time to tell them," I whispered.

Quinn nodded and we looked at the lads. "Well, we have been hiding this for a while, but its time to tell you the truth, and we only have been hiding this because Quinn was scared," I explained. The lads were now curious. Quinn lifted her pant leg and the lads gasped. I looked to Leah and she was hugging her moms pant leg. I smiled and walked over to her and lifted her up.

"Its okay," I said making her smile. I carried her over to Quinn and she hugged her. I smiled and the lads had finally walked over to us.

"When?" Liam asked. "When I was little," Quinn said looking down. I set Leah down and Liam quickly hugged Quinn. I smiled and looked at the other lads and they were all smiling.

"So now you know," I said walking over to Niall. "Sorry we didn't get to finish our picnic," I said hugging him. He just chuckled. "Its fine," Niall said hugging me back.

 "So who's ready to go home?" I asked beginning to walk towards the door. "Forgetting something?" Louis asked stretching his arms out. I rolled my eyes and hugged him. "Love ya brother," I whispered. "Love ya to little sister," Louis whispered back.

 We all made it home and I decided to slip into my sweat capris and my one direction shirt that Quinn got for me as a joke. I began making a spaghetti dinner and homemade garlic bread. I heard someone enter the kitchen, but I chose to continue to work.

  "Why?" I heard a british voice ask. I turned to see Liam leaning against the counter. I sighed and set down the spoon. "What?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Why did Quinn hide it, she could have told us," Liam said slamming his fist on the counter. "Not really, because she was worried you would treat her different, and so we thought for the better, why not," I said copying Liam's action.

He shook his head and walked out of the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and started to make the garlic bread. The garlic smell was strong, but smelt good. I heard someone else walk into the kitchen. "Garlic has a strong smell I know," I said turning to see Niall. He smiled and walked closer. "Can I help?" Niall asked. I nodded. "Set the table," I instructed.

Niall finished setting the table and helped me bring the food out. "DINNER," Niall yelled making me laugh. "geez excited?" I asked smiling. He just laughed and sat down. "of course, if it involves food I all for it," Niall said making me laugh harder.

~After Dinner~

I sat in my room reading Catching Fire until Louis ran into my room. "Yes?" I asked. "I have a brilliant idea!" Louis said plopping himself down on my bed. "And that is?" I asked.

 "Well since Niall likes you..." Louis started. "He doesn't like me," I interrupted. "And you like him," Louis began again. "I DO NOT!" I said shocked and angry, but to be honest, its true I kinda do like him.

"Why don't we all go clubbing!" Louis said excitedly. I rolled my eyes," Why?" I asked. "Well, I wanted to go dancing with Eleanor anyways," Louis said rubbing the back of his head. "Sure," I said giving in and setting my book down.

"Be ready in 20," Louis said trotting out. I stood up and walked over to Quinn. She decided to take a nap after everything that happened. "Quinn," I whispered lightly shaking her. She rubbed her eyes.

"What?" she asked. "We are going clubbing, come on," I said smiling. She shrugged, "Not in the mood," Quinn said rolling over. I sighed," Im not leaving you.." "She won't be alone," someone cut me off. I turned to see Liam leaning against the door frame.

  "What do you mean?" I asked. "Danielle left and Im not in the mood to go," he said shrugging. "okay," I said walking to my bag. I pulled out my Silver Sequin Trim Dress out and my silver pumps. I went into the bathroom and changed. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and did a light make up touch up. I said goodbye to Quinn and walked downstairs. The rest of the lads were ready, and I must say Eleanor and Perrie made me look casual. As we walked out Niall whispered to me.

"You look beautiful," I began to blush, but you couldn't really see because it was a bit dark out. 

 "Thanks," I said as we got into the cab. We took two cabs so it wouldn't be cramped. On our way there I swear it was awkward.

 When we arrived the place seemed pretty packed from what I saw. We were allowed in and Niall led me straight to the bar. "Want something?" He yelled over the music. "Sure," I said trying to be daring tonight. As I took the first sip it stung as it went down, but I got use to it. After a few more drinks I could fell my self beginning to let go.

 "Come dance with me," I said into Niall's ear. He nodded and took my hand. We began to dance in beat with the song, and it was amazing. "Kiss me," I yelled not knowing what I was saying. Niall smiled and leaned in. And to me his was like a spell. And I wanted to be under it for ever.

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