Change My Life

Have you ever had a twin brother that was famous and left you? What if he comes back for you? What if you could spend the entire summer with him again and start EVERYTHING over? What if you realised, he never changed. But what happens when he finds our deepest, darkest secrets? Will he change then? What if we keep our secrets to ourselves but some become too obvious. Will this change my life?


8. A Get Away

Lili's POV

   I stood there as if going to faint. "Girlfriends..." I whispered. Louis walked over to me and hugged me tight. "Don't worry Niall is still free," Lou whispered. I shoved Lou away punching his arm. He laughed as I walked away. Liam.. has a girlfriend, I want to tell Quinn, but it would break her. I made it back to mine and Quinn's room. She was on her Iphone and noticed I walked in, looking up at me as if she won the lottery. "Sup," I said sitting on my bed. "Oh nothing just texting this guy from school, who asked me out," Quinn said trying to act nonchaluant. Okay now's when Im dumbfounded. Liam likes Quinn, Quinn like Liam, but both dating different people. I nodded and ask, "Who?" She threw me her phone and it read Will. I looked up at her shocked. "Yup," She said leaning back in her bed.


  I threw her her phone and picked out clothes for today. I put burmuda green shorts and my strapless lime green and yellow tie die shirt. I slipped on my sparkly white TOMS and put my phone in my butt pocket. "Be back going for a walk," I said leaving our room. I then walked to the kitchen and grabbed my wallet and put two $20s in my pocket and grabbed a water. "Where do you think you are going?" I turned around to see Louis with his hands on his hips. "For a nice walk, and yes I can go on a walk," I said walking past him. When I put my hand on the door knob Niall appeared by my side. "Yes?" I asked. "Lou sent me to come with you," Niall said smiling. I sighed and nodded, I knew I would never get away by myself.


  As we were walking Niall asked, "So where are we going?" I shrugged. "Anywhere I please." I spoke the truth, I couldn't careless, just wanting to get fresh air. "Well if that's it I have somewhere to show you," Niall said taking my hand and making me jog with him. We finally made it to a park. I was going to speak but he shushed me. He led me to a little ice cream cart and ordered us each ice cream cones. He then led me on a path, still holding my hand. But I didn't regect. I kinda enjoyed this. We then arrived at a pond, and by now we both had finished our ice cream cones. Niall picked up a stone and said to me. "If a stone skips 4 times you make a wish and it should come true." I nodded and picked one up myself. Niall went first and got 4 right away. "What did you wish for?" I asked. "Can't say," Niall said picking a second one up.


  I threw mine and it didn't do anything. I grunted and kept trying. Nothing. Niall chuckled and walked over to me. He went behind me and grabbed my right arm. He then showed me how to flick my wrist, and BAM! Four skips. I danced around cheering. Niall was laughing at my silly dance. "Did you wish for anything yet?" Niall asked. I thought for a moment then nodded. He smiled and we began walking back to the hotel. But I got destracted. I saw a nice antique store with lots of old clothes. I guess Niall saw cause he ushered me to come with him inside. I nodded and I couldn't believe how cool this stuff was. Niall took me over to the hat and sunglasses and we joked around putting on random things. I put on a feathered boah and me and Niall took a funny picture. He was on his phone for a sec then put it away. I coked my head to the side and my phone beeped. I checked and it was a mention.


   @NiallOfficial- Look at me and @LittleTomlinson. We look so fashionable don't we?! I looked up at him and he just shrugged and led me over to the dresses. "Go on," Niall said pushing me towards the dresses. I went through a few of them. Nothing good. Niall tapped on my shoulder and I turned around. He had four sun dresses. "Its warm and nice in America," Niall said setting them in my arms. I smiled and walked over to the dressing room. I tried on the first dress, a red and white stripped. I slipped it on, and it surprisingly fit. I walked out and spun around. Niall smiled brightly and put a thumbs up. The other outfits I had tried on were a navy poka dot hi-lo dress, a two tone lace dress, a stripe criss-cross back short sleeve shirt with red high waist color denim shorts, andpoka dot rutched  tank with indigo union jack shorts.


   I handed Niall the clothes while I changed back into my regular clothes. When I walked out Niall handed me a bag. I looked inside and it was the clothes I tried on. "There that is my welcoming gift," Niall said smiling. "NIALL," I complained. I hated it when people bought my clothes. I handed him the bag and began shopping for Quinn, she is my sista! I got her a Denim ruffle dress, ruffle floral belted dress, a lilac ice lace raglan tie back short-sleeve shirt with oliva sateen shorts, and i got us both bathing suits. Mine was a  Banded Hipster top with a Ruched Bandeau bottom, and Quinn's was a Ruched Tankini with Cinch Back Hipster bottom. I payed for those and we finally walked back to the hotel.  Before we enter the hotel and hugged Niall tight. "Thank you," I said as he hugged me back. "No problem," He said taking my hand.


   We got in the elevator and set our bags down for a minute. "Im glad you came," I said looking at Niall. "Well, I am to," Niall said with his award winning smile. We picked up the bags and I opened our hotel room door. When we walked in there were three new girls in our hotel room. "Geez what took you guys so long," Louis said with his arm around a girl. I shrugged, "Just had fun, and went shopping for summer clothes," I stated taking the other bags from Niall and walking up stairs. Quinn was on her bed... still texting Will. "Alright well Miss Quinn I bought you things," I said tossing her a bag. Quinn opened it up and pulled out the clothes. "Niall said it was warm in America, so we went shopping," I said pulling out my clothes. Quinn smiled and said, "Well, sounds like you had fun," Quinn said wiggling her eye brows.


   I rolled my eyes and folded up the new clothes placing them gently in my suit case. I walked back down stairs and the lads were talking to the girls. "There she is, Eleanor this is Lili, Lili this is Eleanor," Louis said refering to the girl he just kissed. I nodded leaning against the door frame. Liam introduced me to Danielle and Zayn introduced me to Perrie. I walked to the kitchen and pulled out a pepsi. Niall enter the kitchen and sat on one of the island chairs. "I know how you feel," Niall said. I cocked my head to th side. "You are going to worry about if Lou will still pay attention to you," Niall said reading my mind. I was shocked. "How did you know," I whispered.



 NOTE: HEY So how you guys liking the story so far? Check out my story Hate, Love, Styles!  and the sequal One More Time(Sequal). Like, Comment, and Favorite! Much Love!!!! ~ Chloe ;}

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