Lost in a Cruel World

When Aimee Joy goes through a horrible expirence with her ex-boyfriend, Mason, and nearly dies she figures out that the love her life, Niall Horan comes in makes everything all better. Aimee always loved One Direction but when Niall doesn't keep his promise she runs away and finds Liam who loves her for who she is.


3. Our Night Together


I feel the bright lights of our porch flicker on and off. I break the kiss to see my older brother, Aiden, waving for me to get inside of the house. He is so annoying, he thinks just because 18 now he is the total boss of me. But he always has been protective. I kiss Mason on the cheek and whisper in his ear, “Text me, I love you too.” I open the screen door and roll my eyes at Aiden. I shut the door and my dog, Russell, runs to me barking. I go upstairs and slam my room door shut. I look around at the 132 One Direction posters on my aqua blue walls. I smile at the posters and slip on my pajamas and slip into my bed while hugging my One Direction Teddy Bear. I hear a knocking on my balcony door. I slip on my slippers and tiptoe to the screen doors. I yank back the purple curtains to see Mason. I smile at him and unlock the door and slide it open. Masons blushes and pulls me close into him. I feel his breath against my neck. I tend to feel awkward and cold due to the fact I’m wearing a cami and shorts. I move my head and our noses touch. “Where were we?” Mason whispers. I lean in and our lips crash. Mason pushes me into my room and shut the door as we kiss more and more passionately. I break away from the kiss to catch my breath and blush at him. His eyes were still closed. I closely admired him as his eyelashes rested on his cheeks as he smiled and showed off his beautiful dimples. I start playing with his hair and I see his beautiful blue eyes stare into mine. His beautiful eyes twinkle as we have a beautiful moment that feels like an eternity. I try to get out of his embrace but he doesn’t want to let go. I start to feel constrained and claustrophobic and freak out. I push him off me and walk to my bathroom that adjacent to my room.  I splash water on my face as I overlook everything that just occurred. *knock knock* I walk over to the door ready to open it but back away. “I know you’re in there I can hear you breathing” Mason whispers through the door. I contemplate everything I’m going to do. I slowly close the door and turn the light off and climb into bed. Mason climbs in with me and he rubs my ear while playing with my hair, I instantly fall asleep. It felt amazing, like way my daddy always used to put me to sleep when I was a little girl. I felt safe with him. I can feel him intertwine our fingers together as I sleep. *beep beep beep beep* I grab my iPhone and click snooze. I am waking up when I turn to stretch and see Mason as cute as ever sleep in my bed. I admire him sleep, it was so peaceful, and I could tell he was awake because he was trying to hide a smile from me but his dimples popped out. I giggled and pinched his cheeks. He instantly woke up, he leans up and kisses me and “Little Mix’s Wings” comes on as my alarm. I got up and start dancing to the chorus. Mason was laughing hard as I danced around the room until I got to the balcony and grabbed the curtains and grabbed them and quickly pushed the curtains so the sun peaked into the room. “Mhmmm, ughh, no..” I hear Mason grumble and hid under the covers and jump on top of him.

*Mason’s Point Of View*                                                                                                           

            I woke up earlier than Aimee. I felt a knot in my stomach; I have never felt this way before about anyone and I feel like a different person. I remember feeling her hand next to mine and intertwining our fingers as she sleep.  I hear beeping and I see Aimee get up and I pretend I’m asleep. I could feel her staring at me and I tried not to smile but I couldn’t resist. I hear her cute little giggle and she grabs my cheeks. I opened my eyes and look into her beautiful brown eyes. I see her lick her lips and leaned in and kissed her. All I hear is

Mamma told me not to waste my life, she said spread your wings my little butterfly, Don’t let what they say keep you up at night, And they can’t detain you ‘Cos wings are made to fly And we don’t let nobody bring us down No matter what you say it won’t hurt me Don’t matter if I fall from the sky These wings are made to fly.

I see her get up and start dancing and turning around pretending to be a butterfly. I laugh as she moves around the room until she got to in front of her balcony. I see her grab the curtains and quickly open them. I freak out and grumble and hide under the covers. I feel her jump on me. I flip her over me and tickle her. She freaks out as I forget she hates when people touch her back. I stop tickling her and she turns toward me and makes a face toddlers make when they don’t get their way. I smile and hug her tightly. I turned to grab my phone and I see a picture of a man who looks somewhat like Aimee. I grab the picture while admiring the old frame and I whisper to Aimee “Hey Beautiful, who’s this? I’ve never met him..” I look at Aimee and she frowns and snatches the picture from my hands. I’ve never seen her like this. I see her go downstairs. I quietly follow her down her spiral stairs. She walks to the kitchen and greets her two brothers. She kisses them on the cheek and whispers “good morning” and they do the same back. She grabs a waffle of a plate and walks into another room. I turn the opposite way and go to the dining room which leads to the living room. I see her watching TV and I smile. I sit down next to her and instantly feel the awkwardness. I see her teary eye and trying to distract her. I frown and twiddle my thumbs think of what to do.

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