Lost in a Cruel World

When Aimee Joy goes through a horrible expirence with her ex-boyfriend, Mason, and nearly dies she figures out that the love her life, Niall Horan comes in makes everything all better. Aimee always loved One Direction but when Niall doesn't keep his promise she runs away and finds Liam who loves her for who she is.


4. It All Goes Wrong


*Aimee Joy’s Point of View*

“Hey Aimee, who’s this man, I never met him before?” I hear Mason whisper to me. I instantly snatch the picture away from him. I set it on my dresser and walk out the door. I walk down the hall and down the stairs and I feel him following me. I walk into the kitchen and kiss my brothers and tell them good morning. I feel a little bit better knowing he won’t follow me knowing my brothers will bother him. I grab a waffle of the plate and rub my brother, Andrew’s hair as I walk into the living room. I sit there and I feel like breaking down crying. I think about everything. I think to myself.. Will Mason not like me if he knows my dad has been dead for ten years? Will he think I’m a freak? Or will he be okay with it? I just don’t think I’m ready to talk to him about it. I turn the TV on as a distraction. I see Mason peek in the room from the corner of my eye. I ignore him and bite my waffle. He sits next to me and I ignore him. He frowns and starts twiddling his thumbs. I feel terrible for running away and ignoring him but I can’t tell him. I feel him getting frustrated and he leaves and stomps to my room. A few minutes later, I see him arguing with my brother, Aiden, and I see Aiden punch him and take the picture away. “Leave my sister alone, she doesn’t need anyone in her business, get out our house!” yells my brother. I’m now in the room and tears are streaming down my face. I see Mason knock the flower vase down and see the glass shatter all over the floor. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I look down at my thigh and there is a piece of glass stuck in my leg. I scream realizing I’m losing blood and there is blood all over the floor. My brother punches Mason in the face twice and yells to my Andrew to get his keys. Aiden walks over to me and carries me bridal style and I’m screaming in agony. Andrew runs after my brother with the keys. Aiden places me in the back seat long ways and Andrew runs to the front seat and within 5 minutes I’m at the closest hospital. I can’t see anything, it’s all so burry but I can recognize Aiden’s smell. I am rushed to the Emergency Room. They quickly remove the glass and give me eight stitches on my thigh. I can’t think straightly, I can barely hear the doctors talking to me. All I remember is my dad. But I don’t remember much. I feel dehydrated and I fall asleep.

*Aiden’s Point of View*

            I’m eating waffles when I peer into the other room and see Aimee watching TV looking a bit sad. I finish my dishes and I grab my plate when Aimee’s friend, Mason, walks into the room with a frame at his chest. He comes up to me and knocks my plate on the floor and it shatters. I yell at him “What are you doing and why are you here?” He doesn’t respond. He looks at the picture. He whispers “Who’s this man and why won’t Aimee tell me?” and points at our father. I try to snatch it away but he has a good grip on it. “Why do you care just give it back before I hurt you, it’s important to us!” I yell. I punch him in the stomach and grab the frame and sit it on the table near Andrew. “Leave my sister alone, she doesn’t need anyone in her business, get out our house!” I yell. I see Aimee come in the room and she has tears streaming down her face. I end the argument and I start walking toward Aimee going around the island in the middle of our kitchen but before I make it to Aimee, I turn around to a shattering noise. Mason had knocked our mother’s flower vase. I walk over to him and I see Andrew yelling and I instantly turn around to see Aimee screaming while looking astonished and see a huge blood puddle on the floor. I pick her up bride style and yell for Andrew to get my keys. I run Aimee to my car and place her in the back seat. I grab the keys from Andrew and I run around the car to the driver’s seat and Andrew climbs in next to me. I speed to the hospital and open the back seat door to see it drenched in blood. I grab her and rush her into the Emergency Room. She was still awake I could see her brown eyes twinkling. I don’t think she knew it was me holding her but I assured her it was okay. They took her back as soon as they could and I went back with her. They took the glass out of her thigh but she wasn’t responding to anyone or anything. I hear the doctors yelling that she has lost to much blood. The doctor yells to me, “What blood type is she?” I yell back,” O negative!” I see the nurses panicking. Then a young nurse comes up to me with a sorrowful look and says “We don’t have enough blood to donate her.” A tear drops down my cheek when I remember I am O negative. I yell as she leaves “I’m O negative and so is my brother, you can take a pint from both of us.” She rushes us back and takes a pint from both of us. She rushes it back to the doctors and my sister. The operation finishes and I am allowed to see my sister. I walk into the room and I see her in the bed unconscious. I grab her hand and a tear falls on her hand. I look down at my baby sister. The reality is its all my fault. I wish I could switch places with her. *A WEEK LATER* I walk into the room. I get discouraged. It has been a week and she still hasn’t woken up. I grab her hand and I whisper to her.” Hey tomorrow’s my birthday, July 21st! and I was hoping you would wake up today as a early birthday present.”

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