Lost in a Cruel World

When Aimee Joy goes through a horrible expirence with her ex-boyfriend, Mason, and nearly dies she figures out that the love her life, Niall Horan comes in makes everything all better. Aimee always loved One Direction but when Niall doesn't keep his promise she runs away and finds Liam who loves her for who she is.


1. Under The Stars

It was a bright, sunny day of mid-summer when Mason and I were sitting by a tree watching the sunset. Mason was about 17 and I was 16 and a half. “Aimee, have you ever thought about the future under the stars?” “No but let’s do it!” I replied as she took an apple from the tree and bite into. I put my head on his shoulder and we watched the sunset as I ate my apple. Once the sun set I got up and grabbed his hand. “Where are we going?”He asked. I smiled at him and dragged him until he got up. I walked him to the blanket and I lay down to watch the stars and he did the same. He looked at me and when I eyes met I felt as if he looked into my soul. He smiled and started playing with my loose beach curls. I looked at the stars and all I could see was a big blob of stars. “What do you see; all I see is a big blob of stars?” I asked. He smiled and sat up. “Do you honestly want to know?” he whispered. I nodded. “I see a beautiful girl that I have liked since the seventh grade, I see a girl who doesn’t care what anyone thinks, and I see a girl who doesn’t care who likes her. A girl who wears sweatpants, hoodies, and doesn’t wear make-up, whose hair is a mess but yet she is still so beautiful. A girl I want to take everywhere with me to show her off to the world. You make me feel something I never had before..” he let out. My heart melted. I have liked him since seventh grade too. I blushed and looked away.” Can I ask you something?” he asked me. I nodded and felt my bun bounce. He smiled and said “I love you..” I felt myself get red and I said “Can I tell you something?” he blushed and nodded. “I have always loved you.” I blurted out. He looked surprised and I crawled over and sat next to him. He wrapped his arm around me and I put my head on his shoulder. I looked into his bright blue eyes and I knew it was meant to be. We lay down and we looked at the stars. I started to shiver and he gave me his jacket. “Babe, you’re cold, let’s go to Starbucks.” We get up and walk to his car. I turn on the radio and They Don’t Know About Us by One Direction comes on. “Oh My Goodness! I love this song!” I yell. He smiles at me. I start to sing along. The song ends and Summer Love turns on. I look at him and he blushes. I said “Do you have the Take Me Home Album? He nods and smiles and whispers “ I had to listen to it before I gave it to you.” I can feel my face tighten up. He tells me to look in the back seat. I see a red and white bag and I grab it. I scream. It’s a One Direction bag. I look inside to see the Deluxe Version of the Take Me Home Album. I see five one direction t-shirts and a one direction pillow and lastly a note on a One Direction book that says “Dear Aimee Joy, I love you more than you love One Direction, enjoy baby, I love you, Will you go out with me?” I smile at him and I say “Yes baby, I will.” We drive into the Starbucks. I take my bag with me and before I left I took off my shirt, and put on my Liam shirt. “Nice Tank Top Aimee “says Mason as I change. “I blushed. “I bought all five because I didn’t know which one was your favorite.” We walked into Starbucks holding hands. A girl runs up to me and hugs me and thanks me for wearing my shirt. I smile at her and give her ten dollars. “Go buy one.” I say to her as I wink to her. We walk in line and we order our hot chocolates. We sit down by the heater of the store and talk about stuff, even though we know everything about each other. We finish our hot chocolate.

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