Rough Tendencies *~Harry Styles Fanfiction~*

Alexandria Nicole has been getting herself introuble alot lately and her parents began to worry about her. Thus, they're forcing her to take boxing. They got her a personal trainer, around her age, to help her be able to protect herself.

Im not going to give away alot of the story in here haha. But harry is obviousley the trainer. Hope you guys read this and enjoy! <3


3. take me in.

"Aw, he seems like a sweet boy!" my mother excitedly said. "He's cute too."
I nervously laughed. "yea, no." I said. my mother looked disappointed. She'd always wanted me to have a prince charmine, but i was far from being a princess. "We'll, after you's do some more classes together, maybe ill invite him over for dinner one day." She smiled. I didnt.
"Um, no mom. I'd prefer to like, not even take any classes."
"Well, we'll see." She said. The car started driving, only then did i notice Harry's car was behind us. I counted to ten in my mind to calm myself down. He's probably just on his way to his own house, he doesn't want to follow me home. I hope
" mom," I spoke. "Do you mind driving a bit faster?"
She looked at me strangely, "alright." She pressed harder on the gas pedal and made a turn, i sighed in relief. We lost him.
Finally as we got to my house i brushed my teeth and washed my face hoping to get as much Harry as possible, off me. I walked down stairs to the dinning room and ate my dinner. Then fell asleep.
I woke up to a loud, raspy, unmistakable voice.
He was here.
No. Nonononononononono. How did he find out where i lived? How did he get into my house? I ran downstairs in my purple short shorts and a black tank top to the living room where Harry and my mother were watching tv and laughing. "W-what are you doing here?!" I almost yelled. My mom looked at me weird and Harry smiled. "Harry told us he went to the same school as you, so i invited him over for breakfast. It'll be done in 3 minutes." My mom smiled, Harry's eyes stayed on me. He looked me up and down, i felt exposed. Goosebumps covered my small body as Harry stood up. I took a few steps back and walked to the stove. The pancakes looked ready so i took them off and put two on my plate. "Alexandria, make Harry a plate too." My mom spoke. Harry sat down and watched me make breakfast for him. "How many do you want?" I asked. He hesitated, "I don't care, 4?"
I nodded and put 4 pancakes on his plate. I got him a cup of orange juice and took my seat next to him. I felt repulsed. I couldn't eat. My stomache was hurting and i just wanted him out of my house. I jumped as i felt his hand explore the inside of my thigh from under the table. He laughed, i stood his hand away but he was stronger then i was so he kept it on the inside of my thigh. Then, my mother walked in, but she didnt notice his hand. He squeezed my thigh hard and i gasped quietly. My mom put her hands on the counter. "Your fathe Nd i are going on vacation this weekend. We have no one to watch you." She sighed. Harry's eyes got real wide and he smiled. "I'd be able to take her in." He proudly said. My mother did a toothy smile. "Mom! I can watch myself." I said. "No, I don't trust you alone. You get into too much trouble." She said. "But,mother, cant we atleast get grandma to watch me?" My heart was beating way too fast. I did not want to stay with Harry. I'd go anywhere but his house. Especially after what he said. His words echoed in my mind. "The things I'd do to you if we were at my house"
I shivered thinking about what he said last night. My mom turned to Harry. "We'll I think that'd be a great idea Harry. I just hope its not trouble for your mother and father." Harry's smile disappeared. "Uh, they won't mind." He said quietly. I shrugged it off. My mom nodded. "Alright, so this weekend" she smiled. "Now go get dressed alexandria."
My jaw was hanging open as i turned to run to my room. Was my mom actually going to let me stay with a boy we just met yesterday? I finished getting dressed for school, and noticed Harry standing in my door way. He came real close to me and his warm breath trailed over my body. "I can't wait till you come over" he whispered in my ear. He licked my cheek and trailed his younger down to my neck. Then he began to bite my neck. "ow, Harry! Come on we have to go to school." I pleaded. He sighed. "Lets go love." He said grabbing my wrist and dragging me down the stairs to his car. As he drove away, he kept one hand on my thigh squeezing it almost as if he thought i were going to disappear. I whimpered as his hand moved upward towards my crotch. "stop." I said breathing heavily. He grinned.
We arrived at school moments later and i tried getting out of the car, but the door was locked. I impatiently waited for Harry to jog to my side and open the door. I stepped out and he forced his fingers to entwine in mine. The crowds of people were still in the front as usuall. I began to think Harry had a reputation like mine as people gasped seeing him with me. He smirked. I hung my head just wanting to get away from the attention he brought, but then he kissed my cheek and brought us even more. I scoffed and tried to make him walk faster but he forced us to slow down. "What's the matter love?" He asked in his deep voice. "Nothing. Can we please just go?" I was so anxious and i hoped he understood. I felt like he was showing me off as he looked at all the faces staring at us, and then planted a kiss on the crook of my neck. I looked at him with scared eyes and he dragged me inside the school. He can't just treat me like this!
"My class if this way." I exclaimed, prying his fingers from mine. "Alright. Ill see you later." He spoke quietly. He gave me one last kiss on the forehead and walked away. I watched him as he walked. His strong muscles were visible through his thin white tee shirt. I smiled slightly, but then it disappeared when he turned to look back at me. He smirked as he had caught me checking him out. I looked down and quickly turned away to my class.
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