Rough Tendencies *~Harry Styles Fanfiction~*

Alexandria Nicole has been getting herself introuble alot lately and her parents began to worry about her. Thus, they're forcing her to take boxing. They got her a personal trainer, around her age, to help her be able to protect herself.

Im not going to give away alot of the story in here haha. But harry is obviousley the trainer. Hope you guys read this and enjoy! <3


2. Harry!!!

I woke up with a terrible ache in my stomache, still from yesterday. It was only Tuesday, i really dispised my school and all the people there. But of course it was mandatory for me to go so i got my lazy self up and began getting dressed.
I squeezed into my black skinny jeans and an "Are You Scared Of Clowns?" shirt then quickly flattened my hair and applied some eyeliner and mascara on. I smiled in the mirror as i slid my blue beanie on my brunette hair and headed for the door. "Bye mom!" I yelled.
"Don't forget! 5 O'clock!" She said.
I rolled my eyes and began walking to school.
After flipping through a bunch of songs, I finally found one good enough to walk to. As my school entered my sight i cringed. A crowd of people was in the yard and another one right infront of the entrance. I ignored the groups and walked straight inside the school. I felt a few eyes intensely pearing into me but i pretended to not notice as i anxiously walked inside and found a seat in the auditorium.
*after school*
School ended at 3:30. I met up with John in the front. His hand gently slid over my cheek where i had a big bruise from yesterday.he shook his head in dissaproval. "Maybe your parents are right, boxing might just be a way for you to get out anger in a less.. dangerous way." He smiled sympathetically and walked me home. "Ill see you later. Good luck." He gave me a quick hug then jogged to his own house. It was freezing out, i couldn't blame him.
"Alexandria, go change into something more comfortable like sweatpants. You won't be able to move good enough in those jeans." My mom yelled.
I changed into gray sweatpants with my schools name printed on them in blue. I had my navy bue converse on and a white tee shirt which was around 2 sizes too big for my small frame. But it worked. My brunette hair was left down and i made sure my makeup looked okay. By then, it was 4:45 and my mom honked the car horn outside. Signaling me, it was time to go.
I grabbed my jacket and ran into the car. "You exited?" My mom grinned at me.
I scoffed. "Anything but." I replied, my grey eyes peering out the window.
It wasnt really a long drive. About 10 minutes. My mom was about to get out of the car to walk me in, but i was mature enough to do it myself. After all, im 16.
"Mom, i can go alone." I spoke. She was unsure, but shrugged. "Ill be back in an hour and a half to pick you up. Love you!"
She then drive away and i sighed in relief. I looked at the place where i was supposed to go and saw a boy with curly brown hair, his green eyes were staring directly at me. Even when I turned to look at him he kept his focus on me. It was actually quite creepy, but i walked over to the place.
"You must be Alexandria?" Said the boy with green eyes as soon as i walked in. Placing my jacket on the chair, i nodded. "Harry?" I asked. He smiled. It was a creepy smile. I narrowed my eyebrows at him. I turned back from putting my stuff down and he was directly infront of me. "Um, ok." I said, a little weirded out. He laughed. "so you think you're tough? Sweet cheeks?" He asked me. I was about to reply a bit angered, but before i could my wrists were being pinned up against a wall and this boy who i barely knew anything about was breathing warm air on my lips. I tried pushing him off but he wouldn't budge.
"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked. I began to panick. He then moved so both my wrists were in one of his hands, and his other hand pushed the small of my back close to his body. He hummed. " i want you." he seductivley said. I scoffed. I tried to not act weak, but when his grip on my wrists tightened i whimpered. He was smiling as he tortured me. Was he enjoying this? He then lightly pushed me in the floor. "Please," I begged. He places his pointer finger on my lips and began to roughly bite my neck. I gasped. "H-Harry!" I stampered. "Yes love?" He asked. His green eyes looked up at me. It was only me and him in the room. I shivered. I just wanted to get this over with Nd go home. "Please. Can we just g-get to the training?" I begged.
Harry smirked. "Depends. What type of training?" He winked at me. I was frightened as the boy dragged me off the ground to my feet and we finally began our lesson. "Wow. For someone like you, you actually do have some strength." He said amused, as i punched the punching bag. I paused. "What do you mean someone like me?"
"Weak." He responded emotionless. This time, i laughed. "Im anything but weak." I spoke.
Harry rolled his eyes and pinned me up again. His eyes trailed up and down my vulnerable body. He softly hummed in my ear. "The things I'd do to you right now if we were at my house.." He whispered. I tensed up as he ran his hand up and down my thigh. He softly kissed my cheek and pushed me on the floor again. I was able to flip it so that i was ontop of him. "oh. So you like being on top?" He winked. I was about to get off when he grabbed my arm and yanked me back. "sorry but thats my job, love." His deep raspy voice spoke as he pushed me on the bottom again.
I looked at the clock.
10 more minutes till my mom comes. I was so anxious for her to come pick me up. This kid can definately make a first impression. I was scared shitless of him and wanted to cry.
"We have ten more minutes to our selfs." He spoke. I nodded.
Harry grabbed my face and made me face him, his warm breath was on my lips again as he leaned in. I tried too ill away but i wasnt strong enough, "calm down love." His voice was gentle. Then he finally placed his lips on mine. Tears formed in my eyes, i couldn't help it. I was so shooken up and shocked, i just didnt know what else to do. Harry wiped the tears from my eyes. "Aw dont cry." He removed himself from me and grabbed my jacket and handed it to me. With that, the door opened and my mom walked in. I gave her a hug. "Hi mom!" I said really exited. Her eyes widened. "Hey Alex" she said. Harry held his hand out to her. "Nice to meet you miss." He said sdoing this cheeky smile. She nodded. They had a short conversation and with that we left. Before i was able to walk out, Harry grabbed me and placed a kiss on my vulnerable lips. "Ill be thinking of you" he whispered in my ear, with his eyes closed. I cringed. He was indeed a good looking boy, his gourgus green eyes and perfect curly hair. His strong body was a plus as well. But he scared the shit out of me. I just nodded and ran to my car.
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