Rough Tendencies *~Harry Styles Fanfiction~*

Alexandria Nicole has been getting herself introuble alot lately and her parents began to worry about her. Thus, they're forcing her to take boxing. They got her a personal trainer, around her age, to help her be able to protect herself.

Im not going to give away alot of the story in here haha. But harry is obviousley the trainer. Hope you guys read this and enjoy! <3


1. Again?

The police brought me to my front door; I was familiar with the female now. After getting into several fights with multiple people she was always there to stop me. The woman, who's name was Shannon, knocked on the door and shook her head. When my mother opened the door her eyes widened. She gasped.
"Again, Alexandria?!"
I hung my head low and Shannon nudged me inside the house. Shannon took a deep breath in and exhaled while staring straight in my mothers eyes.
"If your daughter keeps this up she may end up in Juvy next time. I suggest anger management or some group therapy or anything! But she is out of control and it's only going to get worse."
With that, Shannon walked away from my door and my mother slammed it shut. "You need to stop'" she spoke. "I'm calling your father." Her feet skidded down the long hallway to the kitchen to grab the phone and dial my fathers number. I groaned feeling sick, I'd been kicked in the stomache several times and needed some rest.
I've only been in 3 fights by now, each with a different person. But i don't even want to fight. I'm deathly afraid of everyone, I honestly prefer to just be alone and hide away from the world, but that can'thappen, now can it? I drifted into a deep sleep the second my head hit my plush pillow.
After about an hour long cat nap my mother woke me up. "What mom?" I walked in the kitchen rubbing my eyes and leaning my weight on the counter. She smiled at me. I gave her a confused face and raised an eyebrow.
"We'll, since the police-"
I cut her off. "Shannon." I spoke.
She nodded, her smile slowly disappearing. "Um, since Shannon suggested anger management your father and I decided it would be great for you to take boxing! Especially since you fight alot." She grinned and looked to my father who out of nowhere appeared in the doorway.
"We got you a trainer too. His names Harry? I think. He's somewhere around your age." He said.
Boxing? I never thought about boxing. I never even thought about fighting, it was my least favorite thing to do. But i hate looking like a kiss ass. So i didn't care who you were, ill fight anyone. Even if the majority of times I loose nd wind up looking pathetic. My mother interrupted my thoughts.
"First class is tomorrow at 5. Alright?" She asked and handed me a cup of tea.
I arched my eyebrows up. "And where exactly is this place?" I questioned. "97th street." My father said a bit too fast.
I nodded and went upstairs to text one of the only people i got along with in my school. John.
"Can you believe my parents are making me take boxing? x"
He replied almost instantly.
"haha, sucks"
I didnt bother texting back again. It was 11 now and I was still bloody tired. I took a quick shower and swept my hair back into a bouncy ponytail then crawled under my covers and fell into a deep sleep.

Alright, first chapter sucks i know lol. But the next one is going to be like 827282882828227372626532 times better! I already know whats going to happen in it so pleeaseee read on haha. Alexandria meets Harry in the next onee ;)
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