What is So Special About Me?

Maddy and Niall have been freinds since kindergarden. Since that time, Niall has had feelings for Maddy but never told her. When Maddy becomes gf and bf with Zayn, Niall is heartbroken. Will that let him down? Or will he go for Maddy? Read to find out!!


3. Actually talking

Maddy's POV

"Niall wow! I haven't seen you forever!" I tried not to sound weird and like I didn't want to see him. I mean, i did want to see him, just not right now. Why? Zayn was coming to see me. Zayn and Niall don't have a good relationship. "Hey baby how's my sexy lady doing today?" "Umm.. Good hi Zayn." Then Zayn kissed me. Longer than usual. Probably to show Niall who was my boyfreind
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