What is So Special About Me?

Maddy and Niall have been freinds since kindergarden. Since that time, Niall has had feelings for Maddy but never told her. When Maddy becomes gf and bf with Zayn, Niall is heartbroken. Will that let him down? Or will he go for Maddy? Read to find out!!


1. Apple Juice

               Niall's POV

        I will never forget the first time i met Maddlyn Elisa Smith. She became my BFF and my person to look up to. I began to like-like her in 1st grade. We met in in kindergarden when she had lunch and her mom forgot to pack her a drink. I was an eater--- a big one. I knew that pb&j did not taste good without a drink. So I gave her my apple juice. she was so happy that she chased me at recess. (that was how we boys knew that girls were saying Thank you or I like you.) Saddly in 7th grade she finally became the thing i hoped she never become. Popular.

       I am a nerd. Well, not like a  red haired freckeld face one. Im not that nerdy. Hold on let me rephrase that. I am unpopular. Unlike that jerk face Zayn Malik. He is super popular. Maddy is popular too. But she isnt mean to me or anything. we just dont hang out anymore.

      It was almost Thanksgiving and I heard that Zayn was going to Las Vegas for the holiday. Maddy was going to North Carolina to see her dads side of the family. I was going to my grandma's house. I know lame right!





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