This story is basically about a girl, who is still let's say "finding herself", and as she does she writes in her journal the whole way. She is very shy (until you get to know her of course) and is always in the shadows. She has always had this dream of being an important person to the world like Mother Teresa or Rosa Parks. But once she finally starts fulfilling this "dream", "bad things" start to happen. But then she meets this boy and...

Let's just leave it at that.


1. Still Here



August 27th, 2012



Dear Diary... or Journal,

    Today is my second day back to school and I have Mr. Canyon as my homeroom teacher. I think he is an intelligent teacher. But all the other kids hate him because he makes us read in homeroom. I love to read, so I don't have a problem with it. Especially since I'm reading the Nancy Drew series. Anyway, I'm trying to be very nice to everyone this year. It's one of my goals. In case you don't know. I set new goals every year to improve who I am. But it seems that nobody seems to realize I'm here. I mean they kinda notice me. Like they tell me to get out of their way in the hallway and stuff. but that doesn't count. What am I doing wrong?



 Hi. I'm Annabel Kay Antam but I like to go by Kay. I'm in 8th grade, I'm kind of a book nerd, & I'm very shy.







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