Friends Plus More

Maya Harris has been an orphan for 14 years. She and her
sister both have been struggling to get adopted. Then finally
one day a couple from California decide to adopted them.
Maya and Annie learn to live in the place with school, home, snobby girls,
And of course cute guys

Hey guys, so this is my first Movella. I'm not gong to beg for you to read it but I really hope you do read it. Comment what you think and I'm a fast updated so yaa. Anyways bye! ;)


9. Taken


I could see that Annie and Alec were in the kitchen doing who knows what, so I didn't disturb them. I just stood they're for a while when I realized I did t even know the lady's name do I asked her. "Oh um by the way I'm sorry if this comes of rude but what's your name?" "Oh nonsense sweetie why would that be rude? My name is Katie and yes I would like you to call me that not Mrs. Katie or Mrs. Evens, just Katie alright?" "Ok thank you."I said. I was about to start saying something else when he walked down. His crystal blue eyes matches perfectly with his dirty blonde hair. He was wearing a white t-shirt that said "keep calm and love food". He was perfect. Then I realized something. If he was perfect he probably had a girlfriend And the next things he said proved me right. "Sorry mom I was talking to Paige." "Huh, you and that girl Im serious if she keeps on holding you up like this were going to have some problems here." Katie said. She had one of those don't make me regret allowing you to have a girlfriend looks. "Anyways, this is Maya and oh we're did she go? Annie?"she asked. Annie came in. "Sorry",she said "Hi I'm Annie!" She shook Justin's hand. I walked up to him and shook his hand too. "Wow, you guys look the same same, well not entirely but still, are you twins or something?" He asked. I answered and played with him a little. "Oh no we met each other at the adoption center and just happened to look alike. We also have the same name and birthday but absolutely not we are not twins." Katie started laughing. "Alright well I leave you kids here I'm going to go back to business." Katie said. "So you guys are twins that's pretty cool I've actually wanted a twin so when I was small I asked my mom for one but she denied it, so I threw a huge fit and that's basically how I figured out how babies were made." Justin said. I couldn't stop laughing and neither could he. We both just stood there laughing until I finally calmed down. "Wait so your parents actually explained the process? How old we're you exactly?"I asked. "Well they kind of explained half of it then they just gave me a book and told me to read it. And I was in fourth grade." "Wow that is crazy I found out about all this stiff from Mary and school I guess."I said. "Whose Mary?" Justin asked. "Oh Mary was my guardian at the adoption center and no she wasn't mean or anything. She was kind of my mom for 15 Yeats and I honestly love her to death. She really sweet." "Wow she sounds nice."he said. "Ya she really is." I was going to call any but then I looked in the kitchen and saw that Annie and Alec err having a little too much fun. "Wow they really hit it of didn't they?" Justin asked. His voice surprised me and then I realized he was looking too. Annie and Alec were standing they're making out in the kitchen. "Ya I guess they did. Oh and by the way I need to know you're brothers history before I let her date him its something that we do to make sure we're not dating messed up people."I said. "Huh wow you guys are really close. Ok well um he's had two long relationships. One ended cause the girl moved away and the other ended because the girl got pregnant by another guy. Otherwise my brother hasn't ever cheated on anyone and if he really likes your sister then she'll stay." "Ok then I guess he's good but I'm still keeping my eye out." He smiled. "So what about you what's your girlfriend like?" I asks him. I mean I didn't really have feelings for I just thought he was hot but I wanted to know since we would be living next door anyway I thought we could become good friends. "Oh well um her names Paige and she a brunette.
She lives across the street two blocks down. Her mom is a therapist and her dads a dentist. It's a really funny combination. We've out for three moths now but were aren't very serious I mean don't get me wrong she's great and everything but its not like a super serious relationship." "Oh cool but your still together that's good." "Ya I guess it is." He sighed. "So what about you any guys in the picture right now." He asked. I now it was just a question but he asked it like he wanted to know the answer really badly. "Um actually no my dating history is actually really funny. I didn't really want a relationship until high-school. So in sixth grade I dated my teddy beat named Ted. And then in seventh I dated a stuffed horse named Secretariat. I know I was lonely. But then in eight grade a boy named Dylan asked me out and I said yes so we dated till ninth grade but then I broke up with him so I've really only dated one guy." Justin was cracking up so hard that by the end of my story he was crying. I smacked him on the arm playfully. "Ugh you jerk your so mean." But he didn't stop laughing and eventually I started laughing with him too. Finally we both stopped.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it that way it's just you dated a teddy bear and a horse and I just think its funny how you actually trust me enough to tell me that." "It's ok, it actually is a really funny story and you right the only other person who knows is Annie but I just hope you won't tell anyone considering I trust you enough to tell you." "Don't worry I won't tell a single soul." We sat there for a while talking about things and got to know each other better. And that's when my phone started ringing. "Hey mom, what's up?" "Hey sweetie I'm going to pick you and Annie up be ready int wo minutes were going to the mall okay?" "Alright thanks bye." "Byee" "Who was that?" Justin asked. "Oh that was my mom she's picking me and Annie up in two minutes but I can't exactly get Annie." "Why not just go get her." He said. "Ya but they're still in the middle of they're fun session."I said making a face. "Oh right well then just make the best out of it."he suggested. I understood what he meant and held the urge not to laugh out loud. I walked slot into the kitchen crouching then suddenly jumped up behind them. Annie screamed. "You guys done yet!?" I said laughing. "Not funny!" Annie yelled. "I'm serious though moms waiting outside for us."I said pointing to car through the window. "Oh ok then."she said bye to Justin and Alec. I said bye tot both them to and walked outside and got in the car.

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