Friends Plus More

Maya Harris has been an orphan for 14 years. She and her
sister both have been struggling to get adopted. Then finally
one day a couple from California decide to adopted them.
Maya and Annie learn to live in the place with school, home, snobby girls,
And of course cute guys

Hey guys, so this is my first Movella. I'm not gong to beg for you to read it but I really hope you do read it. Comment what you think and I'm a fast updated so yaa. Anyways bye! ;)


2. Meeting the Parents

"Hey Mary, what's up?" "That call you've been waiting for, it's finally here!!!"
"What do you mean what call?" I asked "There is someone here who wants to adopt you and Annie you both have 20 minutes to get ready and come down.

OMG!!! I couldn't believe what she was saying!!
"ANNIEEE!! Come here!!!!" I squealed. "Ok ok I'm here! What is it?" "Mary called and she said someone wanted to adopt us!!!" Annie started screaming and yelling and I joined her. It was finally happening after waiting for 15 years! After we finally calmed down I told her that Mary wanted us down in 20 minutes so she ran of to get ready. I didn't want look like I was very excited for two reasons. One, I hadn't even met them yet and the final choice is mine. And two, I didn't want to seem desperate. So I decided to wear something casual but pretty. I looked through my closet and chose my favorite aqua blue Holister tee and my blue camp and some skinny jeans. My hair is naturally curly (like Taylor swift but not too much) and blonde. I brushed my hair and put it in a ponytail. Annie I and I were twins we both had curly blonde hair but we don't look alike. After Annie was ready we both went downstairs. "Hi girls! Aww look at you two all grown up. Oh I'm going to miss you too soo much!" "Mary don't cry we haven't even met them yet I don't exactly know if we're going or not! And besides who said were not going to come visit." "Ya Mary" Annie spoke up " we love you so much you've been there for us since we were born I mean we'd be crazy not to visit!" "Oh I know, it's always hard when kids leave. Just k ow that I'd anything ever happens you can always come to me, ok?" "Of course Mary we know that." She was about to say something else when two people walked in.

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