Friends Plus More

Maya Harris has been an orphan for 14 years. She and her
sister both have been struggling to get adopted. Then finally
one day a couple from California decide to adopted them.
Maya and Annie learn to live in the place with school, home, snobby girls,
And of course cute guys

Hey guys, so this is my first Movella. I'm not gong to beg for you to read it but I really hope you do read it. Comment what you think and I'm a fast updated so yaa. Anyways bye! ;)


7. He's all yours


Wow this lady is nice. I honestly wouldn't have let two random teenagers into my house, but then again she knew us and our parents. Weird, but true. The lady told us her son would be down any minute. I'm glad maya said something I mean she is really loud but the first impression people get of her if quiet shy when she's the exact opposite. I was about to ask the lady what her name was when he started coming down. Maya was looking at him to but it wasn't her "I'm in live with this guy look" it was her "oh well he's cute but I'm not going to fall for him look". God he was hot but he looked like he was eighteen or nineteen not fifteen. "Alec what are you doing here?" The lady asked. "Oh well um I was studying but I came down cause I have dinner duty." "Oh right sweetie, well do you want help?" "Nope I'm good." His voice was cute too. "So that wasn't Justin?" Maya asked. "Oh no honey that was my other son Alec." "Oh um, how old is he?" "He's eighteen." Cool so he was eighteen looked smart and hot. I can't imagine what girl wouldn't fall for him. Even though I know he's taken there's still nothing wrong with giving it a shot. I decided to go help him since I'm amazing at cooking and baking. I walked into the kitchen and left maya to talk with the lady cause she doing pretty good by herself so far. "Need some help?" I asked him. "Oh hey what's your name and um sure I guess." I laughed a little. "My names Annie. I just got adopted next door. And by the way, your putting flour in a shrimp recipe." "Oh um the recipe actually says I have to do that. Weird but anyway, I heard that sown one was moving next door then I found out the details. It's nice to meet you, I'm Alec." "I know and that is one weird recipe. So um are you in college?" "Oh no I'm starting college in two years. It's cause I got accepted in the university of San Francisco but they don't have placement for another two years, so right now I have a part-time job at the Olive Garden here." "Oh my gosh! You guys have that here that is like my favorite restaurant! Well actually my favorite restaurant is Rios, but Olive Garden is my second." "Wow then you should go there sometime. In fact I could take you. We could get a discount since I work there." "Oh ya, we should go, I would like that." "You would?" He whispered. "Yep I would love it."

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