Friends Plus More

Maya Harris has been an orphan for 14 years. She and her
sister both have been struggling to get adopted. Then finally
one day a couple from California decide to adopted them.
Maya and Annie learn to live in the place with school, home, snobby girls,
And of course cute guys

Hey guys, so this is my first Movella. I'm not gong to beg for you to read it but I really hope you do read it. Comment what you think and I'm a fast updated so yaa. Anyways bye! ;)


1. Introduction

"Annie, it's not going to happen I don't know why you think
this day is soo special but it's not."

"Look Maya, we turned 15 today that's a big deal for me
so don't be such a party popper. Besides I can just feel it
I don't know what but I have this really strong feeling its going to happen today."

"Whatever, but anyway to put things on the bright side, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!!
Love you no matter how ridiculous you are and despite the fact fact that every birthday
you get a special feeling."

"Awwww, I love you too Maya, happy birthday!!

The thing with Annie is she's way to gullible so every birthday she's said something about how
that was gonna be the day. I mean don't get me wrong I love her I mean she's the
only living family I have but anyway that not the point. We both sat there for a while talking
until Mary called us down. Mary has been our "mom" for a long time she runs the adoption center
and really does love all of us. Des not one those cruel adoption ladies.

"Hi Mary, what's up?"

"Oh sweetie, the call you've been waiting for, it's here!!!!!

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