Jamie Taylor is a ordinary 18 y old girl with long brown hair bright blue/green eyes and a HUGE directioner. What happens when she gets stolen by 1D? read to find out :)


9. the baby

                                        9 months later

I wake up with Niall arm wrapped around me, over the last 9 months i have grown a lot of feelings for Niall , my thoughts were stopped by a warm gush of water in my lower area ''shit! Niall wake up my water just broke!'' ''what,'' he say ''my water you idiot it broke!'' ''shit, lets go then,'' he says, i jump up and put my thongs on and waddle out to the car, while Niall grab the car keys and sprinted to the car, he turns it on and we drive to the hospitable as soon as i got inside the nursh got a wheelchair for me and we rushed in though the doors.

                                    half an hour later

''one last push Jamie,'' the doctor says ''AHHHHHHH!,'' i scream as i push, squeezing Niall hand, ''waaaaaaaaaaaaa!'' i hear congratulations Jamie its a healthy baby boy,'' the doctor smiles at me ''thanx,'' i breath, at that moment Zayn walks in ''Jamie?'' he whispers ''its a boy,'' i say coldly ''Jamie im sorry,'' he says with puppy dog eyes ''can you forgive me,'' he begged ''ah................ok,''  smile weakly at him ''thank-you...Jamie... you and Niall should have him,'' he says ''what?'' me and Niall say at the same time ''you guys have him, i've seen the way you look at each-other and plus im not ready to be a dad,'' he whispers, me and Niall look at each-other ''ok,'' Niall says ''what sould we name him,'' i say  ''Marc,'' Niall smiles ''ok,'' i say. 

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