Jamie Taylor is a ordinary 18 y old girl with long brown hair bright blue/green eyes and a HUGE directioner. What happens when she gets stolen by 1D? read to find out :)


7. She's staying with me

                                          Niall's prov

''What she tried to escape,'' i feel my self smile ''those that amuse you Niall,'' Louis snaps at me ''well kinda,'' i laugh, Louis looks at me furious ''what if i keep her in my room i spend most my time in there anyway,'' i say quickly "fine,'' Zayn and Louis says, I smile from ear to ear. I walk into Jamie's room and say ''you're staying in my room for now,,'' she smiles wide then jumps up and hugs me.............''i love you,'' i blurt out when i said it i slap my hand to my mouth, she laughs ''I love you too Niall,'' then she kissed my cheek i smile wide.


a/n: sorry its short

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