Jamie Taylor is a ordinary 18 y old girl with long brown hair bright blue/green eyes and a HUGE directioner. What happens when she gets stolen by 1D? read to find out :)


5. Rembering

I wake up next to a naked Zayn and then remembered what he did, what he did to me and i began to cry into the pillow. About 5 minuets later Zayn wakes up i lay as still as i could he gets dressed and left the room

once he left i got up and put my cloths on slowly then i walk over to the corner and i just break down crying "why god why?" i whisper.

                                                                                               Niall's prov

I wake up and went to get some breakfast for Jamie.....and me.I made some toast and walked to her room i open the door a little bit and hear crying, i slip in without her knowing, i put the toast down on the bed and walk over to her "Jamie?" i whisper she jumps "please don't hurt me," she whimpers "why would i hurt you?" i ask her "z...z..Zayn," she says "what did he do to you?" i ask trying to comfort her "he r.r.r.......raped me," she cries, she flings her arms around me and cries into my chest i give her my famous 'Horan hug' "i see why people love your hugs," she laughs. I love her laugh. "i love your hugs," i blurt out. As soon as i said it she looks up to me "really?" she ask tear stains down he cheeks "ya," i say, she smiles at me, after that we ate our toast and talked.


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