Jamie Taylor is a ordinary 18 y old girl with long brown hair bright blue/green eyes and a HUGE directioner. What happens when she gets stolen by 1D? read to find out :)



                                                    Jamie's prov

I spent the night with Niall, Im so happy. I wake up and then i grab the bin next to the bed and puke, my wobbly hand trembles up to my mouth and wipes a little puke away "mmmmm, Jamie,'' Niall whispers ''hahaha!" i laugh ''what,'' Niall sits up strait and looks in the bin ''is that puke?" he asks ''oh, um ya,'' i replied '' are you ok?" he asks me ''ya,'' i say ''did he use protection?'' ''no,'' i say worried '' i'll be back, lock the door, ok,'' ''ok,''.He leaves and i lock the door.

                                                                                            10 mins later

i hear a knock on the door ''who is it?'' i say ''Niall,'' i jump up and pull open the door and in his hand......a pregnancy test? ''ah, what with the pregnancy test?'' i question him ''just go n to the bathroom and follow the instructions,'' he breaths ''ok, ok calm your tits,'' i walk in to the bathroom and lock the door, i read the instructions and did as it said about 5 mins later it showed two lines i had a look at the box and it said two lines meant positive ''shit!'' i shout ''what, what happened Jamie?''  hear Niall say though the door. I open the door with tears going down my cheeks ''i'm pregnant,'' i cry, Niall wraps his arms around me ''don't cry Jamie im here for you,'' he whispers into my ear '' im here for you,'' "thank-you Niall, you are my only friend in this hell hole,'' i whisper, Niall laughs.

                                         Niall's prov

''I'll be back,''  say leaving Jamie laying on the bed and walk into Zayn's room to find him jerking off ''KNOCK MUCH!'' he shouts as he pulls the blanket up ''shut up,'' i snap ''whats wrong with you?'' he asks angrily ''you, your whats wrong you got Jamie pregnant, you prick!'' i shout ''so m going to be a dad,'' he laughs ''shut up,'' ''what you going to do about it blondie,'' he snaps ''why should i tell you,'' i say walking out of his room ''ass!'' he yells ''I know you are but what am i,''i shout back

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