Jamie Taylor is a ordinary 18 y old girl with long brown hair bright blue/green eyes and a HUGE directioner. What happens when she gets stolen by 1D? read to find out :)



I wake up to hear talking i try to talk but i relies i have been gagged "ahrmrmrmrathmm!" i scream "she's awake," a husky voice says."that voice sounds familiar" i thought "I'll talk to her," a Irish accent blurts out "mmmmm, ok," the husky voice says, a door opens and close.I fell so sceard then a little light turns on and in front me stands.....NIALL HORAN!?!?

                                          Niall's prov

"I'll talk to her," i say "mmmmm, ok," Harry whispers, Harry opens the door and leaves the room. I walk over to the wall and turn on a little light as soon as i look at her her eyes wided "If i take the gag of promise me you wont scream," i whisper, she nodes, i remove the gag and she whispers in a seared voice "Niall Horan?" "yes," "w...w....why am i here?" she asks me "that i can't tell you," i say looking in to her stunning blue/green eyes, wow they are beautiful so is she.

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