Jamie Taylor is a ordinary 18 y old girl with long brown hair bright blue/green eyes and a HUGE directioner. What happens when she gets stolen by 1D? read to find out :)


10. Marc Andrew Horan (3 years later)

                                        Jamie's prov

''HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARC!'' we all yell ''YA!'' Marc yells ''make a wish hunny,'' i whisper ''ummmmmmm.... oh i know,'' he says, he blows out the candles, ''what did you wish for,'' ''can't tell you,'' he waves his finger at me ''can you tell.....daddy?'' ''no,'' '' what about uncle Zayn,'' ''i'll tell him so you will be quiet,'' he say laughing ''common Marc,'' Zayn grabs his hand and walks in to the other room.


                                     Zayn's prov

i close the door and say ''what did wish for buddy?'' i ask Marc '' i wished for daddy and mommy to be mawweied,'' he says (he can't pronounce his r's) ''really,'' ''ya,'' ''common let get some cake,'' i say ''YAY!'' he yells we walk back in to the lounge room to get some cake. ''where's Jamie?'' i ask Louis ''kitchen,'' he says, i wonder into the kitchen ''Jamie?'' i whisper ''yes?'' she ask ''he wants you and Niall married,'' i smile ''really,'' she says ''yup,'' is say, while texting Niall Marc's wish ''he looks like you, Zayn,'' Jamie says ''i know,'' i say, 'buzz, buzz' my phone goes off 'from Irish Boy: dose he, good i going to purpose later ;)' 'to Irish Boy: cool, why not now bro ;)' 'from Irish Boy:ok bring her out here :)' ''hey Jamie lets get some cake,'' ''okay,'' she shrugs.  

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