Jamie Taylor is a ordinary 18 y old girl with long brown hair bright blue/green eyes and a HUGE directioner. What happens when she gets stolen by 1D? read to find out :)


6. At lest I tried....

                                           Niall's prov

"I'm going to get some lunch want some?" i ask Jamie, she shakes her head "no thanx," she smiles. I walk out of the room and bump into Zayn "hey Niall," he smirks "oi why you do that to Jamie," i ask him angrily "because i can," he shoves me, i stuble back "just leave her alone!'' i yell

                                        Jamie's prov

"just leave her alone,'' i hear Niall yell '' if i don't what will you do blondie!'' Zayn yells at Niall. Here's my chance to escape i pull my shoes on and slip out the door slide past Niall and Zayn and tip-toe to the door i open it slightly but the door was blocked by a tall boy

                                      Louis' prov

I reach out to open the door but it was opened for me, by a the beautiful girl known as Jamie , ''Hello love,'' i say ''ah, oh... hi,'' she says looking scared "where are you going Jamie?" i ask her ''ah......ummmmmm," ''that's what i thought now go back to bed,'' i snap. She dose not move "i said go back to bed," i say angrily, she still dose not move, so i pick her flung her over my shoulder and march her strait to her room, then lock the door '' I walk out to the lounge-room to find Zayn and Niall fighting. ''OI DUMBASSES!'' i scream they stop and glare at me "what,'' they say in unison ''the girl,'' ''what about her?'' Zayn asks ''she tried to escape you idiot,'' i snap

                                   Jamie's prov

"at least i tried,'' i whisper to my self   


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