Valentines Day with1D

It was another typical day when Kat met Harry at Starbucks. Kat was unaware that Harry was in the band named One Direction. Harry has instant feelings for Kat. Valentines Day is coming up and Harry wants to only be with Kat. Kat is slowly falling in love. What will happen to the couple?


1. Just another day

I'm Katerine, but I prefer Kat. I'm 16, I have black hair, and a curvy body.

"That will be $4.25" said the cashier at Starbucks.

"Oh, um, I only have $3.75."

"Here, I will help you" said a boy that was about my age with brown curly hair, as he have the cashier a dollar.

"Thanks" I said.

"No problem. My name is Harry. Say, would you like to hang out with my friends and I?"

"Um, sure" I said. His accent just made me lose myself. He seems perfect. But something doesn't seem right about him.

"Great I will pick you up at 6:00 later".

Sorry about the shortness, my first fan fiction.
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