Oli loves 106.1 and whenever they have any type of contest she enters, never to win, just for the suspense. When she finally wins something, she doesn't even know what it is. Something about a boy band. Oh, well, this should be fun.


11. pt 2.

Chloe's POV: After that incident, the boys thought we should head to somewhere more secluded. We drove down the crowded road, as Louis held me a little closer this time. I pulled back a little, still felling hurt about him having to sign Angie's chest. He pulled me closer and whispered into my ear. "Sorry, I should not have done that. Not on the first date especially." "I'm not mad!" I yelled at Louis. Oli and Liam both stopped talking and looked over at us. She shot me a concerned look, and I just looked out the window. The driver pulled into the parking lot of Cheddars. I stepped into the misty, cool Los Angeles air and felt two hands grab for my arm. They pulled me back. Oli turned me around and asked me what had happened to make me break so fast. "Nothing!" I spewed in her face. Louis grabbed Oli and pulled her away, most likely wanting to touch HER boobs too. They walked back towards Liam and I. Liam stood there awkwardly, not speaking to me. I guess he knew I wasn't in the mood. Louis led us inside. I trailed behind him with Liam grabbed Oli's hand behind me. The hostess saw the boys and showed us to the room in the back of the restaurant. We took our seats in the booth. I sat next to Louis because Liam pulled Oli into the place next to him. Louis let me sit in the inside, which was across from Oli. Daniel, our waiter, got our drinks. Louis must have seen me give him those eyes because when Daniel came back, Louis grabbed my drink from his hands and gave it to me. Oli tried to start conversations, but most failed. We both promised not to mention One Direction today. They were just regular guys. Let's try to treat them that way. "So, what are you studying at college?" Liam asked me. Smart, make friends with your crushes friends. "Marine biology." I said nonchalantly. "Where do you go to school at?" He asked. "I am going to TCC, but I am going to work so I can study at TCU." I guess that remark gave Oli an idea. She gasped and gripped Liam's wrist. "Let's play twenty questions! I mean, we don't really know that much about you guys, and you don't know much about us!" Liam and Louis nodded and turned to look at me. I reluctantly tilted my head up to signify that was fine. Oli started and asked Liam a question. "When was your first kiss?" She asked. "11" He replied. I felt a warm hand on my knee. It slowly worked its way up to mid-thigh. He looked over at me and leaned toward my ear. His warm breath tickled my ear lobe. I shivered as he whispered into my ear canal. "Don't stay mad at me, babe." He reached his hand further up my leg. Thank goodness I had jeans on and not a dress. He teased me more making a small squeal escape my mouth. He retreated his hand and reached for his drink. Oli glanced at me, but then returned to her conversation with Liam about their stupid ex-es. Louis looked at me again. He gave me puppy eyes, and I could not deny him. He placed his hand on my knee once again. He slowly progressed to my zipper. A tense feeling ran through my stomach. I pushed his hand away and zipped my jeans back up. We ate and for the most part it was quite quiet. Oli and Liam exchanged a few more questions. When we all finished eating, and the boys stayed back to pay the check. We walked outside and I noticed Oli was gleaming from ear to ear. I walked over to her and told her about my incident with Louis. "Well I'm proud that you didn't give in." They came out of the restaurant. Louis winked at me and Oli looked at him with big eyes. Liam ran towards Oli and grabbed her from behind, holding her waist. Louis glanced at me and grinned a half hearted smile. I knew he was a little upset, but I still had my limitations. We drove and drove until we reached the hotel. I stepped out of the car grabbed Louis's hand. He seemed content. Liam and Oli trailed behind. Their hands intertwined, like branches. He looked down at her and stopped when they reached the spinning doors. He smiled at her and said something, making her tan brown skin pinker around her cheeks. I grinned as Louis walked me to the elevator. He turned me around. "I guess I will see you later. Text me." he said, slipping me his number. "Well, bye." He gripped my hand and planted a kiss on the back. He stepped away, walking backwards, almost bumping into the plastic potted plant on the right of him. He got hold of himself and stood back up, waving me as he left. Oli came back back towards the elevator, "Wow." Was all that managed to escape Oli's lips.

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