Oli loves 106.1 and whenever they have any type of contest she enters, never to win, just for the suspense. When she finally wins something, she doesn't even know what it is. Something about a boy band. Oh, well, this should be fun.


3. Preperations

Oli's POV: After telling Angelica and Aurora about the passes, we headed back home to get our pj's for Aurora's sleepover.

Chloe's POV: I got to Aurora's house for the sleepover. The plans for tonight are to watch One Direction music videos. I walked upstairs to the media room to find they have already started the video. ( Typical Aurora) They were watching "Kiss You ". When we started converging in some awkward conversations.......  Aurora said,  "OMG Niall is as hot as hell." Then i was just being myself and said "Yea, Louis looks like the kind of guy that would do you hard!" They all stared at me blankley, then out of nowhere we all erupted with laughter! As Kaitlyn fell to the floor holding her stomach, we all paused as Aurora's mom barged in. "Guys, please keep it down. Aurora's father and I are trying to get some rest." Her eyes were red and she had bags under them. We knew she was truly worn out. "Ok, mom. Sorry. We will lower it down." She half smiled as much as she could and went back down stairs, closing the door behind her. As soon as that door closed we all broke out into laughter. Oli was the first one to break our laughing fit. "Ok, who do you think does it the hardest then?" she said behind tears from the laughter. We all went into spaz attacks quietly.

Chloe: I honestly think Louis does.

Kaitlyn: What? Harry sooo would do it the hardest!

Oli: Guys, stop...... Liam would destroy you!

That sent us all into yet another laughing panic.

Aurora: Guys, you are so gross, but I think Niall!

Angelica: Zayn!! He would terminate you!

After we argued for at least an hour we finally agreed on this order...........

1. Zayn

2. Louis

3. Harry

4. Liam

5. Niall

Oli's POV: Psh, Liam would so be at the top! Haha. Well at least everybody is playing nice, for the most part. I feel tension between Chloe and Aurora. She started the video without Chloe, and afterwards she kept throwing dark glances her way. Chloe just shook it off, and continued fan-girling with us just for fun. Well anyway, we continued to watch videos and talk, but I drifted off thinking of the cute couples we all could make with the guys. Of course Aurora would end up with Niall, Angelica and Zayn, Chloe and Louis, Kaitlyn and Harry, and of course Liam and I were meant to be, soul-mates if you could say.


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