Oli loves 106.1 and whenever they have any type of contest she enters, never to win, just for the suspense. When she finally wins something, she doesn't even know what it is. Something about a boy band. Oh, well, this should be fun.


7. Pre-Concert

Oli's P.O.V: "Tell us.... Right now!" I screamed at Chloe from the other end of the hallway. We were back at the hotel and Chloe still wouldn't budge about telling us about Mr. Sexy. Well at least from what we could tell from his backside. "It doesn't really matter." She replied with a smirk. As she pulled out her key to the door, Angelica grabbed her hand. "Come on Chloe, tell us now." She said. Chloe looked like she was gonna tell us but then stopped and opened the door. She strode in and hopped onto the bed and lied down. Her face lit up as her phone rang. "Who could that be?" Kaitlyn said as she jumped on top of Chloe. We all joined in holding her down. I grabbed her phone and unlocked it. This is what it said.

Harry Styles: Hey.(:X

Chloe: Hi(:

H S: How are you.

C: Great WBU?

H S: NM, kinda bored since I left the mall.

C: Me 2:/ I have a bunch of idiots bugging me about who you were.

H S: They saw me?

C: No, but they wanna know who I was with. They never saw your face. Brb gotta open the door.

H S: Ok, ill b waiting(;

I looked up from the phone and gasped. Was she texting the Harry that I thought she was? Harry.... Styles........ Nope!! She was NOT texting a worldwide phenomenon! I turned to Chloe and her face light up. She had a sense of relief in her eyes. The other girls looked lost. Chloe just shook her head and gave me a look. I looked up and started to explain to the other girls that it was her little sister dishing about her latest boyfriend. Clarie was the youngest little girl with the most boyfriends I had ever seen.

Chloe's POV: She saved my butt. I didn't want to tell the girls because they would have all asked me to set them up with the other guys. They would have just used Harry and I. Oli started to explain that my little sister was ranting and raving about her latest boyfriend. That was easy to do because Clarie always had a new boyfriend ever week. The girls completely fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I shot her a thankful look and she came back with a look. She asked to speak with me in the hall. I followed closley behind her I closed the door behind me. She almost screamed at me how proud of me she was. She told me that she was grateful I was finally getting out of my anti-social ways. I scoffed thinking how wrong she was. I knew her. She wanted something in return for not telling the girls. I got my phone out an dialed Harry's number. He answered within 2 rings. Almost like he was waiting by the phone. "Hey, love. What's up?" I smiled and Oli looked at me with wide eyes. She flipped the hair out of her face and took the phone out of my hands. She sprinted down the hall and locked herself into the elevator, closing it moments before I could jump in. There she was going, with my phone, and talking to Harry. Ok, two can play this game. I waited for the elevator to return and pushed down. Revenge.

Oli's POV: Ok, so I helped her out, she could help a sista out. You know, Liam and I..... We could... You know, hook up. I saw her look vulnerable and I took my chance, running into the elevator. "Hello???" A deep voice from the other end of the phone said. "Hi Harry, it's Oli, Chloe's friend." "Ooook, so where's Chloe?" I rolled my eyes. This guy, thinking he can just push me out of the way.  Haha, no! "She's peeing, maybe pooping. So how are you Mr. Mysterious? Why didn't you stay and say hello to us? Do you not like us already?" I'm surprised this guy had not already hung up on me. I was being mean and even I felt bad for him, but he was a big boy. So, deal with it! "I'm sorry, I had to go. I would Have loved to have meet the beautiful girls Chloe was rambling on about." Even I felt a little funny inside. He was sure a charmer. Ok, I had to get to the good stuff now! "So, how are the other boys?" I said with a grin on my face. "Who do you like?" He said knowing what I wanted. "Liam?" I said unsure of how creepy I sounded. "Ok, how about this. If you get Chloe to go on a date with me, I will set you and the girls up with Liam and the boys. Ok?" I turned the corner to bump into Chloe, dropping her phone. Her phone shattered into tiny pieces everywhere. Her face looked blank at first, then.... Pure anger finally hit. She looked up and before she could strangle me, I picked up my legs and ran for the second time that day away from, once again barely making it alive to the elevator.

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