Oli loves 106.1 and whenever they have any type of contest she enters, never to win, just for the suspense. When she finally wins something, she doesn't even know what it is. Something about a boy band. Oh, well, this should be fun.


2. POV's

Kaitlyn's POV: *Knock, Knock, Knock* "Mom, door!" I screamed from my room. "Kaitlyn, it's for you, it's Oli," she screamed back at me. Before I could get out of my bed, Oli barged in. "Umm, excuse me ma'am, what do you need?" She handed me a piece of paper with a grin on her face. "Read it," she said grinning from ear to ear. I opened up the letter and saw 106.1 typed on it. "Stop it. Don't joke with me like this." I exclamied looking at her. She had the straitest face for someone that was playing this virulent joke on me. "No, Kaitlyn. This is real! We're going! That's if you want to go?" My only reaction was to shriek and fall to my knees. They went from supportive to giving way to my excitement. "Looks like I'm meeting One Direction," I said through tears.

Oli's POV: We drove to Chloe's house, letter in hand. Kaitlyn would...... Not..... Shut.... Up! Well, at least she was excited. 20 minutes later we drove into her driveway. As we walked up to the door, her dad saw us from the garage. "Hi girls, what are you doing here?" He asked us emerging from the garage. "Well, we have something to tell Chloe. Where is she?" "Inside the house." He replied.

Chloe's POV: I was sitting in my room finishing up some last minute homework when Oli and Kaitlyn busted in like a couple of banchees. Oli then says "Oh my God you have GOT to read this!" I quickley scanned over it because I had to get this homework done. "Arent you excited?!?!" Oli exclaimed. I replied, "I have to finish college first." "Oh, come on! Don't be such a stick in the mud!!!" "Please go, Chloe!" Kaitlyn replied. I just agreed to make them shut up!

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