Oli loves 106.1 and whenever they have any type of contest she enters, never to win, just for the suspense. When she finally wins something, she doesn't even know what it is. Something about a boy band. Oh, well, this should be fun.


6. Los Angeles.

                Oli's P.O.V:  "Olga!!!" Chloe screamed at me while she ran out of the plane catching up with her dad and the other girls. I got my carry on and walked out of the plane. God, this was gonna be a crazy weekend.

                 Chloe's P.O.V: As we walked the streets of Los Angeles, California, we all were in awe of how big this city was. We walked to the mall, looking in the stores for something cute to wear to the concert. I was looking down at a pair of shoes and then the second I looked up, they were gone! They ditched me! Coffee break I guess. I went into Starbucks and got a peppermint mocha. As I quickly turned around, I was chest to chest with a stranger. Just as that happened, my coffee went flying all over his off white shirt. He yelped in pain as scorching hot coffee went all over him. " Oh gosh, I'm so freaking sorry! Let me buy you a new shirt!" I said with as much sorrow as I could. A sly grin emerged across his face. "It's OK, really. Let me buy you another coffee." He said with a thick British accent. Wow, that was hot! As we turned around to order another coffee, it finally occurred to me how he was. Harry-Freaking-Styles!!!!

                  I finished my coffee and we walked over to Banana Republic. I had offered to buy him a shirt and I just wouldn't take no for an answer. I felt so bad for spilling that coffee on him, and he was so nice to buy another coffee for me.  We walked over to the guys section and he picked out a plain white tee with Abercrombie written over the front of it. He went to the dressing room to try on a button up. As I waited for him to come back out, he called me to the room. I walked to the back and saw him. He had yet to button up his whole shirt, leaving four or five unbuttoned. Giving me a sneaky-peek. I must say, he was pretty built. " So Chloe, what do you think? Is it too Liam? He's the one who mainly wears plaid." he stared intensely at his reflection. "No, it looks great on you!" I think I might have responded a little too quickly.... And enthusiastically. He laughed and took it off, once again leaving me dumbfounded. We walked to the counter to check-out.

             As we walked around the mall for what seemed like two minutes, ended up being two hours. As we turned the corner, we were at the entrance again. I saw Paul and he waved to Harry that they had to go. Harry turned back to me and asked for my number. As he pulled out his phone to type in my number, I looked into his beautiful green eyes. He looked up and leaned in to hug me. "Bye Chloe. See you tomorrow!" He turned to leave just as I heard the girls call me.

Oli's P.O.V: Where is Chloe?! We had been looking for her for a good two and a half hours now. Where the hell is that chick? We turned the corner and saw Chloe in an embrace with a guy. He turned to leave and I swear I recognized him. "Chloe??" I yelled at her from the other side of the mall. She turned to face us and Aurora being her normal self, ran up to Chloe and just about tackled her to the ground with a hug. "Ugh, get off me! I was just gone for a second." Chloe's dad had a flame in his eyes when he saw her. "Chloe you get your ass over here right this damn second! Who the hell was that boy?" He yelled for the whole world to hear.  Ugh, another grounding? So embarrassing.

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