Oli loves 106.1 and whenever they have any type of contest she enters, never to win, just for the suspense. When she finally wins something, she doesn't even know what it is. Something about a boy band. Oh, well, this should be fun.


10. Date Night pt.1

Chloe's P.O.V: I don't know how Oli did it, but she did it. We stood in the lobby of the hotel. .The girls were back in the room because we might have slipped them a few lies. We told them we were going out for dinner. They had already eaten so our plan went off with out a hitch. Dad had of course hesitated at first but then let us so he could hit the gym. I was brought out of my thoughts by the door man escorting us outside. The cool Los Angeles air, hit me like a brick wall, making me shudder. The lights from the roof above us glared in my eyes, keeping me from looking into my date's eyes. I saw a pair of feet walk towards me but i had to blink. The light strained my eyes. I shut my eyes and kept looking into the pitch black. I felt a hot hand on my shoulder and then pull away covering me with a warm jacket. I opened my eyes and saw a figure. "Hi Chloe." For some reason my heart fell when i saw Louis' face. I greeted him with a hug and looked over his shoulder to see Liam holding Oli. She looked ecstatic, Liam did as well. Louis pulled away and stared into my eyes. We all piled into the taxi. Nothing too nice so Liam and Louis could stay incognito.  They just wanted a regular night. We drove around looked in awe at the lights passing us by. Oli and I had never seen Los Angeles at night, my dad wouldn't let us go out. Louis had his arm around me telling me about times he had been here before. I looked into the reflection of the window to see Liam whispering into Oli's ear, making her giggle. He then moved his head down to her neck and kissed it. She pushed him playfully and he chuckled a cute, hearty laugh. We pulled into the restaurant, Oli and I got out. They stayed back to pay the driver. As we walked we caught a brief hearing of someones conversation.  "yeah did you hear? Liam broke up with Danielle for some whore from Texas! Shes probably some country hick. Like 2 minutes ago he posted a tweet saying, "about to go on a date...=)undercover. "  "I looked at Danielle's and it said, "spending the night in." The tall blonde one said. Her friend had jet black hair and they both had one direction t-shirts on.  " How do you know about this girl?"   Well I was at McDonalds  earlier and I overheard the hick talking to Zayn, he said she was Liam's type and he called to set them up!" Blondie said. I grabbed Oli's arm and shoved her into the taxi, pushing the guys out of the way. Louis and Liam looked at each other and climbed in. The taxi driver looked at a pale faced Oli and closed the window behind him separating him from us, giving us privacy. I hugged her, knowing that she was sensitive. Liam bombarded us with questions. I glanced at Louis and he got the message. He slid out of the car. I followed, climbing past Oli. I had not even closed the door and Liam was already holding Oli. She sobbed down his black tee while he rubbed her back. I stood there for a minute and closed the door to hear Liam say, " You know what's funny? I just met you, yet I care for you tremendously. Now do you wanna tell me what happened?" I walked to the curb but did not see Louis. I looked around for him and surely found him....... He was taking a picture with Blondie and her sidekick! I strutted over with Louis' jacket draped on me and gave him a sunny smile. He pulled me over and introduced me to Angie (blonde) and Jessica (nice). Jessica waved at me while Angie looked me over. Angie looked back at Louis. "Louis." Angie called as her hand ran down his back, stopping right above his butt. Louis jumped and shivered, but then shot me an apologetic look. He turned to Angie and asked, " Where do I sign?"  " Right here." She said pulling her v-neck shirt down. Right. Above. Her. Boobs. He chuckled and looked at me , as if to see if it was OK. I grinned and looked away, this was our first date and I'm not going to dictate his life.

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