Oli loves 106.1 and whenever they have any type of contest she enters, never to win, just for the suspense. When she finally wins something, she doesn't even know what it is. Something about a boy band. Oh, well, this should be fun.


8. Concert

Chloe's POV: As we walked up the last two steps of the arena, adrenaline pumped in my blood. Kaitlyn grabbed my hand as her heart beat increased. She was about to pass out when we got to the backstage area. We got there a little early so we just sat around and the other girls were fan-girling while I looked around and stared at the walls. Then a guy walked in and told us his name was Martin and that he was going to set up the screen so we could watch the concert. I did not want to talk to Oli or any of the other girls, Oli dropped my phone and the others were just irritating.I was obviously in a bad mood. The concert started and they were singing "One Thing" Harry winked at the camera and Oli smiled at me and raised her eyebrows. I shot her a dark glance. She rolled her eyes and stared at the screen along with the other girls. One Direction started to sing a different song from their newest album. After about 4 or 5 songs, they ran backstage to do their costume change. As Harry ran past me he winked and smiled. One of the other boys was running past me and bumped into me. He lost his balance but manged to regain it. He smirked at me and said "Slow down, at least let me pay for your dinner!" He ran off to change leaving me wondering what that was about. Oli saw Harry and smiled at him, making my stomach lurch. They changed and ran back on stage. As Louis passed me again, he sent me a sexy grin and strut back on stage behind the other boys. My dad looked pissed off. He hates it when guys talk to me. Or even glance at me. I saw glances get passed around backstage. Oli eyed Liam and Harry saw he. He immediately knew that was Oli. They started to sing another song and I felt sick so I got up to use the restroom. My dad grabbed my arm and asked where I was going. He always over reacted when a guy started to look at me. I could tell he didn't like the boys already. He let me go after I told him that I was on my period. He never liked when I told him that. I walked to the ladies room only to see a line that snaked around the bathroom. I waited in the back listening to girls talk about how hot all the boys looked today. After about 30 minutes of holding my pee in, I finally reached a stall. I finished my business and emerged from the bathroom. I washed my hands and pushed passed a few Harry lovers. I walked to the snack bar and grabbed a hot dog and a water. The guy across the counter handed me my things. He grinned me and I thanked him, turning to leave. I reached the backstage area and showed the bodyguard my pass. He let me in and when I got there, the show was already done. The guys and girls were talking. When I walked in Harry came over and sat in the chair next to me. He was about to ask a question when Louis came over and jumped between us. He grinned at me and said, " Hey babe so about that date......" Harry barged in the conversation and said " Sorry Lou, I would love to go on a date with you but i had already asked Chloe."

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