(Based on Soul Eater)

There is a new student at the DWMA. Kuroda Bumps into a girl who is apparently Black Star's sister. Black Star fails to sneak attack him. He makes new friends and is faces his first battle. Kuroda feels romatic towards Mizore, and more starts to challenge him as his days at the DWMA go by.


2. The First Mission


Chapter 2

The First Mission

"That's me" Soul said.

"And I'm Maka!"

     A very friendly looking girl was sitting next to Soul. Green eyes, very light beige colored hair, black trench coat with a white collared shirt and a green striped tie tucked in, a red plaid mini skirt, and a comforting smile. The group had been talking about them earlier, after Black Star had his little rant. They seemed like really nice people, and I could definitely see how their souls could resonate so easily even without looking at the souls themselves. But even though it was so easy to tell how their souls could resonate, I was still curious as to what they looked like. Maka's was pretty small, but easily expandable, determined, friendly, and obviously very powerful, and there was something else, but I couldn't quite grasp it. Soul's was a bit harder to read, but was easily adjustable. It was calm but slightly self-righteous, sarcastic but in a joking kind of way.

"I hope your getting used to the school okay, I'll be happy to show you around a bit if you want." Maka said.

"Thanks that sounds great!" I replied. "As long as Mizore's okay with it."

"Where you go, I go. That's what partners do right?" Mizore said.

"Yeah I guess you're right, and anyway, I don't have anywhere to crash tonight. Would you mind if I came to your place?" I asked Mizore.

"Sure, I don't live with my brother, so you won't have to have him in your face the whole time. I kinda live alone, it'd be nice to have someone to crash with." she said.

"Sorry to inturrupt your little chit chat, but Lord Death needs you guys. That means Soul and Maka, Kuroda and Mizore, and Black Star and Tsubaki." Dr. Stein said.

     We walked down to the death room. The DWMA was like a maze. I don't even know how these guys find there ways through this building. Finally we got to the death room. We opened the door and there he was. Lord Death himself.

"Hiya! How you doing? What's up what's up what's up!? How are collecting kishin eggs going Maka?" Lord Death asked, holding out a peace sign with his right hand.

"We're at 76 kishin eggs sir." Maka replied.

"Great then now you can help that new new pair of partners." Lord Death said.

"How did you know Mizore and I were partners sir?" I asked.

"I'm like a fly on the wall when it comes to things like this. I know almost instantly who's paired up with who." Lord Death said.

"Now, have you and Mizore ever faught together before?" Lord Death asked.

"Faught together? We just met today. She doesn't even know what kind of weapon I am." I said.

"Then you two are going to need some practice before I set you out on your mission." Lord Death said.

"Yeah true what kind of weapon ARE you?" Mizore asked.

"Well my main form is a Desert Eagle pistol, but I can turn into a couple other guns too, though those would take our souls to get use to each other. Sadly my soul has never resonated with anyone yet so I don't know what I am in that form." I said.

"You remind me of my son's weapons, just his are dual M1911 pistols, but can turn into death cannons during soul resonance." Lord Death said.

"Your son? Wow awesome!" I said.

     Death set up a couple targets and I transformed into my weapon form. She shot at the targets and I had a little too much kick for her for a while but she started to get the hang of it. Soon enough she was hitting the targets head on.

"You're a natural!" I said.

"Thanks, you still have a lot of kick though." Mizore said.

"Just practice a bit more. Our souls still need to balance out a bit." I said.

She kept practicing for a about two hours until Lord Death stopped us.

"Your ready for your first mission." Lord Death said. "Soul, Maka, Black Star and Tsubaki will accompany you two, and help you through this mission. There's a kishin egg for you and Mizore to collect if you succeed. Your target is the one known as the Zodiac Killer. He's been taking many human souls and is on the verge of becoming a kishin. He was last seen by the old bridge that connects Death City to the Witch Prison. You can't miss it. There's a very large gate made out of pure gold that shows the starting point of the bridge."

"Okay thank you Lord Death! We won't let you down!" I yelled running out of the death room with everyone else.

     I took my board and started skating there as fast as I could. Then I stopped.

"Do you know how to skate Mizore?" I asked.

"Yeah but it's yours why don't you just use it?" Mizore said.

"Because I can be in my weapon form while you hold me until we get there. It'll be faster." I suggested.

"Alright then let's do it." Mizore said.

I transformed into my weapon form. Mizore caught me, hopped on the board and zipped passed everyone and got to the gate faster than we had hoped.

"That was pretty cool" Soul said with his spiky toothed smile.

"There's the golden gate now how are we gonna get through?" Maka asked.

Everyone was discussing a plan but we notice Black Star wasn't in our huddle. All we heard was yelling as he ran towards the gate with his fist out. He punched the gate open.

"Well that worked!" I said laughing my ass off.

"Yeah yeah now let's find this guy before anything bad happens." Soul said.

We ran around the bridge and couldn't find anything.

"What's so old about this bridge anyway, I don't even remember it being here." Black Star said.

"Why were you even here in the first place Black Star?" I asked.

"Just to check it out and see if it would be an easy place to get a witch soul once we're done with the kishin eggs. Because that's just how clever and awesome I am." Black Star said.

"Shhh... I can sense another soul." Maka and I said at the same time.

"He's... under the bridge." I said.

     Everyone turned into they're weapon forms. And the kishin egg appeared. He wore a mask but had glasses on. You could tell that this thing used to be human until the consuming of human souls started. He had all twelve zodiac signs all around his body. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. They looked like a bunch of tattoos put all over his body. He wore a dirty old "I Love Astrology" T-shirt and torn up denim pants. He grabbed one of his Scorpio tattoos and grew a giant stinger. He lashed it and Soul and Maka. Mizore was shooting the tail over and over again while Soul and Maka were dodging. It didn't seem to notice Black Star and Tsubaki as they attempted a sneak attack on the Zodiac Killer.


Black Star made a huge mistake by doing that. It looked straight at him and wacked him with his tail and tried to sting him.

"Tsubaki! Enchanted sword mode!" Black Star yelled as he got up.

"Right!" Tsubaki replied.

     Tsubaki had transformed into a black sword and Black Star had this black pattern of pointed lines around is body. He sliced the Tail off of the monster and gave Mizore and I a good attacking window, we shot him in the stomach and was kicked back and hit the wall of the prison. He fell to the ground, but this fight wasn't over yet. He Grabbed his Taurus sign and transformed into a bull and started charging at us. We shot it in the legs and it tripped and fell. He transformed back to human shape and tried to grab his pisces tattoo and escape through the river under the bridge. But we took his mask off and shot him in the head before he could. His body disappeared leaving his soul behind. It was red and crackled up. It looked like there were scabs on it. I turned back into my human form and I grabbed it.

"This is definetley the soul of a kishin egg." I said.

I swallowed it whole. It went down my throat so easily and I suddenly felt a bit stronger.

"Ugh! Kuroda's making me hungry! Maka when can I eat!?" Soul complained.

"I didn't go shopping today. looks like PB&J tonight!" Maka said with a hilarious look on her face.

     Soul was pissed, and everyone else turned back to their human forms. We all went home, and the fight had taken much longer than I had thought. It took an hour just to get to the bridge and three more to finish off that kishin egg, then another hour to get to Mizore's place. She had really nice place, couches, beds, and all I could need. I new that night would be the perfect time for me to make a move.



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